Destroy All Humans Game Will Not Be Coming For Switch

By Raaj
2 Min Read

During E3 2019 gameplay showcase a new version of Destroy All Humans that is made from scratch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The developer revealed the game is getting a complete makeover from visual to gameplay features. On asking whether Destroy All Humans Game will be released on Switch in future, the answer is no for the time being. The game is big and visually heavy for the hybrid platform, so porting it to Switch is step aside for now.

Humor is the core of Destroy All Humans Game it will be carried forward and enhanced to bring a stronger comedy. The characters, cutscenes, interactions, emotions, etc are better along with enhanced controls allowing a modern audience to get connected easily. Destroy All Humans also has many twists in the story compared to its previous editions, the story is same but the mission flow is tweaked to back the modern enhancements. This makes Destroy All Humans different from its predecessors.

The developer revealed they aim to focus more on consoles and PC, not Nintendo Switch. They will think if of porting the game to Switch if the release does well and being a run and gun game it will fit well on Nintendo Switch.

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