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Destroy All Humans Game Features Six Cities In Open World Map

It's All About Throwing Cows, Burning Houses & Destroying Humanity

The first edition Destroy All Humans was released in the year 2005 and a second Path Of the Furon came out in 2008. After almost a decade a complete remake of Destroy All Humans on Unreal Engine 4 was revealed during E3 2019 and in this news, we bring more updates on this amazing game where a frustrated alien is on the verge to destroy everything.

Set in 1950 America, Crypto lands on planet earth and spoke to the cows considering them as creatures of planet earth. Annoyed with the moo, he decides to destroy everything in this way. In Destroy All Humans by using Telekinesis you can almost throw anything on anyone. In this gameplay demo video revealed during E3 2019, Crypto annihilates some of the cows on a farm.


The gameplay video also reveals vital info on Destroy All Humans open world mode. Almost all levels are open world and the game is divided into six different cities. Players can travel from the city with farms to old Washington DC to beaches from Santa Monica. Every city is distinct players can visit during story missions. Not completely open world, players will move around different regions by following the mission within the world. Once the missions are completed players can play different challenges to buy new upgrades for Crypto.

Destroy All Humans Game is releasing on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It will be releasing in 2020.