Bungie Makes It Harder For Destiny 2 Players To Earn Cosmetics

Bungie released a statement in This Week at Bungie blog post and one of the key topics of the post was the removal of Prismatic Matrix which allowed players to obtain cosmetic items by spinning a roulette, this will no longer be available and fans have been disappointed after the news broke out.

Bungie’s latest update comes with the hope of helping players by adding more options to directly purchase what players want. This will cause collecting all the Eververse items will be harder without spending real money. Fans have already started to show their disappointment in what the next update is going to bring.

To counter it Bungie is willing to offer a unique bundle filled with cosmetics which will refresh each week. These can be only purchased with real-money though and each bundle will have an exclusive item while the rest can be earned with in-game currency.

Though the Bright Dust Storefront is still available so that players can use the in-game currency earned through destroying items you do not need instead of just being dependant on the loot boxes.

Bungie said, “As always, we will continue to monitor feedback and work to improve the Eververse experience each season, and when we are ready to try something new, we will share those plans directly with you.”

The new update Season of The Drifter goes live on March 5

Destiny 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4

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