Destiny Knights Tier List

Here's a rerolling guide with Destiny Knights Tier List.

Looking for a Destiny Knights Tier List with the best heroes of the game ranked? Then you are at the right place as this guide will not only show you the best heroes but also show you how to reroll in the game. The game has heroes of three primary types, Rock, Paper, and Scissor. Their gameplay will also depend on which type they belong to. So at the start, you will have to keep watch over which players you manage to summon. And that is exactly what the rerolling is for. If you manage to get any characters towards the top of the tier list, you won’t have to reroll. So without waiting further, check out our tier list before starting the game and see the characters you need to watch out for.

Destiny Knights Tier List Ranked Best to Worst

Reroll and Destiny Knights Tier List

Here are all the characters ranked from best to worst in this Destiny Knights Tier List:

Tier  Character Type
S Tier Julian Scissor
S Tier Julian Rock
S Tier Adonis Rock
S Tier Adonis Paper
S Tier Tasia Scissor
A Tier Arcana Scissor
A Tier Tasia Paper
A Tier Francisca Paper
A Tier Francisca Rock
A Tier Carlota Scissor
B Tier Natalia Rock
B Tier Natalia Scissor
B Tier Kur Scissor
B Tier Yanuk Scissor
B Tier Yona Rock
B Tier Shaolin Scissor
C Tier Zhao Chi Scissor
C Tier Zhao Chi Paper
C Tier Jun Paper
C Tier Helga Rock
D Tier Helga Scissor
D Tier Gunter Scissor
D Tier Gunter Paper
D Tier Sierra Paper

How To Reroll in Destiny Knights

Say you did not manage to pull off the characters you wanted from the Destiny Knights Tier List above. Then you can reroll using this guide and then give it a try again. The first requirement for that is you do not connect your account with Google or Facebook. After that, follow the steps below to reroll in Destiny Knights:

  • Head over to File Manager on your device and then go to the Android Folder.
  • While you are here, head to the data folder and then look for the folder; com.netmarble.destiny.
  • Now, rename the folder and once you are done, go to the mobile settings.
  • Head over to Apps and then look for Destiny Knights.
  • Once you open it, clear the data and then head back to the file manager -> Android -> Data.
  • Again, rename the folder to its default name.
  • Now you can open the game again.

That’s all there is from this Destiny Knights Tier List and how to Reroll. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.