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Destiny Child Tier List: Character Rankings

Destiny Child Character Tier List: Find out the rankings of characters from best to worst in the game as well as their elemental skills.

If you are looking for a Destiny Child Character Tier List you are in the right place. Scroll down and you will find the rankings of all the characters in the game. However, do remember that these rankings are based on our understanding of the game. So, let’s find out the rankings of the characters in Destiny Child.

Destiny Child Character Tier List Rankings


Destiny Child Tier List

Dana Tank S – TIER
Eve Attacker S – TIER
Chang’e Attacker S – TIER
Mona Tank S – TIER
Syrinx Healer S – TIER
Mars Tank S – TIER
Maat Healer S – TIER
Pantheon Support A – TIER
Bathory Debuffer A – TIER
Neptune Support A – TIER
Krampus Attacker A – TIER
Charlotte Attacker A – TIER
Noel Attacker A – TIER
Khepri Attacker A – TIER
Rita Debuffer A – TIER
Thanatos Attacker A – TIER
Abaddon Attacker B – TIER
Olga Debuffer B – TIER
Siren Attacker B – TIER
Leda Support B – TIER
Cleopatra Attacker B – TIER
Jupiter Debuffer B – TIER
Isolde Debuffer B – TIER
Mafdet Attacker B – TIER
Durandal Support B – TIER
Nicole Attacker B – TIER
Snow Miku Support B – TIER
Medb Attacker B – TIER
Serval Attacker B – TIER
Kasumi Attacker B – TIER
Astraea Healer B – TIER
Aria Support B – TIER
Naias Support B – TIER
Epona Support C – TIER
Werewolf Support C – TIER
Guardian Chang’e Attacker C – TIER
Brownie Support C – TIER
Myrina Support C – TIER
Jacheongbi Attacker C – TIER
Cube Moa Debuffer C – TIER
Anemone Support C – TIER
Verdelet Support C – TIER
Daoine Sidhe Tank C – TIER
Katherine Debuffer C – TIER
Nine Debuffer C – TIER
Calypso Attacker C – TIER
Marie Rose Tank C – TIER
Ailill Attacker C – TIER
Hestia Attacker C – TIER
Bari Attacker C – TIER
Bastet Attacker C – TIER
Elizabeth Attacker C – TIER
Frej Attacker C – TIER
Metis Healer C – TIER
Makoto Healer C – TIER
Saturn Attacker C – TIER
Venus Healer D – TIER
Eochaid Attacker D – TIER
Oracle Werewolf Debuffer D – TIER
Ruffian Midas Healer D – TIER
Student Eve Debuffer D – TIER
Pretty Mars Attacker D – TIER
Eshu Tank D – TIER
Aurora Healer D – TIER
Dark Buster Lisa Attacker D – TIER
Raccoon Tank D – TIER
Hatsune Miku Support D – TIER
Midas Debuffer D – TIER
Diablo Tank D – TIER
Bikini Lisa Support D – TIER
Sunbeach Mona Debuffer D – TIER
Sytry Support D – TIER
Catherine Tank D – TIER
Party Star Medb Support D – TIER
Catgirl Neamhain Support D – TIER
School Swimsuit Davi Support D – TIER
Rin Healer D – TIER
Hermes Support D – TIER
Nirrti Debuffer D – TIER
Hades Tank D – TIER
Maou Davi Attacker D – TIER
Honoka Healer D – TIER
Morgan Attacker D – TIER
Hera Tank D – TIER
Rusalka Healer D – TIER
Lan Fei Debuffer D – TIER
Ashtoreth Attacker D – TIER
Fennec Support F – TIER
Luin Debuffer F – TIER
Brigid Tank F – TIER
Liberated Maat Attacker F – TIER
Willow Doryeong Support F – TIER
Red Cross Tank F – TIER
Thetis Debuffer F – TIER
Horus Debuffer F – TIER
Two-sided Moa Tank F – TIER
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