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How To Unlock Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher In Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

This Weapon is True Beast

in Destiny 2 Shadownkeep you can find Two-Tailed Fox during the main missions, but there is a requirement to unlock this exotic rocket launcher. It is a part of the pre-order bonus, and if you had already pre-ordered Shadowkeep then it is time to unlock this powerful weapon which can shoot two rockets a void and solar at the same time. It is an amazing strong weapon in Destiny 2 that you cannot miss and it will help you to take down stronger enemies easily.

How To Unlock Two-Tailed Fox Rocket Launcher


Shadowkeep is a DLC expansion that came out with New Light which free to play. If you had pre-ordered Shadowkeep DLC for Destiny 2 then you are entitled to receive a free pre-order bonus which will surely make you happy in the game. You can unlock Two-Tailed Rocket Launcher and here is how.

After completing a few starting mission you will reach a Black pyramid where you will have an objective to find Eris Morn. Before meeting here you will be facing a ton of enemy including Nightmare OF Crota, Son of Oryx Boss which will be undefeatable for the time.

When you meet Eris Morn, after cutscene back on the Sanctuary (Moon) meet her one more time. After accepting her Quest, below pre-order rewards you will unlock  Two Failed Rocket launcher along with an ornament to change the appearance of the weapon.


Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Unlock Two-Tailed

Two-Tailed Fox is a heavy weapon with a high blast radius and stability. It has a single magazine slot and offers you a Double tracking Rockets, Void and Solar. Void will prevent enemies from using their abilities and Solar will cause them damage over time.

This single weapon has two effects and it is pretty useful to take down very strong bosses in the game. With one shot you can simply damage a good amount of enemies’ health or at least make them immobile for some time. This is where you get a window to use a secondary strong weapon and cause higher damage. Pretty straightforward isn’t it.