Destiny 2: How To Fix Game Crashes In Season Of The Lost Update

In this guide, we walk you through all the steps you can take to fix in-game crashes in Destiny 2 post the Season of The Lost update.

Destiny 2 players have been facing a problem with the game crashing ever since the new Season Of The Lost update came out, requiring an immediate fix for the same. In this guide, we try to understand what’s causing the problem and provide a list of a few potential fixes.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Crashing after Season Of The Lost?

destiny 2 crash fix

While we really need to iterate here that no specific fix has been found as yet, we can target the probable causes. Here are a few steps that might get your game running smoothly and crash-free again:

  • Decrease your Frames: Capping your framerate simply throttles a given amount of numbered frames your graphic card can output. It doesn’t force the video card to wait for the processor. This means that Season of the Lost’s update is probably causing your processor to recalculate its processing for fps. Consider reducing it and it might just solve the issue.
  • Close Third-Party RGB Software: If you’re using software that controls your modifications and customizations with RGB, consider killing them. You can do this via the task manager. This has specifically been pointed out by the community for the Season of the Lost update. They reckon that the new anti-cheat BattEye recently integrated in-game- is making the game crash. So consider killing those processes for the sake of a game fix in Destiny 2!
  • Wait for Bungie to Respond: This seems really like a no-brainer. However, Bungie are very responsive to problems reported by the community so you can be sure that they will sooner rather than later come out with a fix in case the above steps aren’t working. Till then, consider following their socials to keep tabs on the issue. Their last official update regarding this was on August 25, 2021.

What exactly is causing the game to crash?
It’s difficult to explain and point out one specific point that’s causing the game to crash post update. However, the best guess here pointed out by Bungie themselves is the BattlEye integration. Bungie reported that with the new anti-cheat system’s integration into the game, they’ve taken a step to further their strategy to combat cheats and improve their methods in detecting and applying bans for the same. Furthermore, they’ve also stated that the new system would utilize additional system resources to function which could lead to reduced framerates and in-game performance post the 3.3.0 update going live. With the community still frustrated and annoyed at the crashes, we hope the few reports of positivity with the above-mentioned steps play to your cause.

Do let us know if these fixes worked. We hope this guide helped you to solve your crash issues with Destiny 2. Also, check out this guide if you have any issues with regards to Crossplay not working in Destiny 2.