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Destiny 2 Rollback For Account is Complete – Here Are Important Changes

All Lost Material will be Restored

Destiny 2 was down after a recent patch where players reported about loss of currency and material. This directly impacted Players Accounts and now the good news is coming out from Bungie. The developer tweeted that Destiny 2 rollback for players’ accounts is complete and there are some important things you must know.

Destiny 2 will be back online around 7 PM PST, and Bungie is taking care of the affected loss of goods. Restoring them back to players’ account will be possible to an extent with a few important things to know shared by Bungie on it official forum.

3 AM Update:

We’re continuing work to fix the issue that caused a loss of currencies and materials. All player accounts will be rolled back to the state they were in at around 8:30 AM Pacific.

  • Players may have to redo any progress or quests they completed between 8:30 – 10 AM PST.
  • Purchases made between 8:30 – 10 AM PST will need to be redone. Silver spent during that time will be restored.
  • Destiny 2 Silver purchases from the platform store will be added back to player accounts.
  • “The Pidgeon and the Phoenix” Lore being removed is a separate issue and will be resolved in a future update

At 7 PM Update, Rollback for Destiny players accounts was complete, Bungie also shared that there might be login issues. Bugs have been fixed and lost materials will be restored back to the player’s accounts. For Twitch Prime Subscribers, Destiny 2 owners will get some latest Exotic Weapons, Bastions on January 29, 2020.