How to Get Hardlink Shell Free Ghost Skin In Destiny 2

Make your Ghost Look Evil

Destiny 2 brings some free Seasonal and this time there is a unique skin your ghost. Transforming it into a gadget of Evil, you can unlock it almost for free but there is one restriction. So here is a guide on How to Get Hardlink Shell Free Ghost Skin.

Destiny 2 Free Skin Guide – Hardlink Shell

Hardlink Shell Skin is a part of Destiny 2 Season 10 Season Pass. It is available as a bonus if you buy the pass. So to an extent is free but it is also paid. Because you will have to buy Season Pass to unlock this free bonus.

Also, it is unconfirmed if you can unlock Hardlink Ghost Shell in Destiny 2 Season 11. We will be updating more details about the skin soon. But you can try exploring rewards of various missions. A lot of drops are secret.

If you are among those players how had purchased the Season 10 Season pass then here is how to unlock Hardlink Shell. Go to the Cryptarch and you will see the skin. Claim it and customize your Ghost, this would be really fun to way. It adds a metallic ghost to the ghost with some energy surrounding the body. Giving it a hardcore evil look, not just a another floating toy.

Another way to unlock this skin for free is visiting Master Rahool. Check this Special Offers section and you might get a chance to grab the Hardlink Shell Free for your Ghost Skin In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals also brings a ton of rewards, new legendary weapons, new engrams, new currencies, and a lot more. New rewards do not mean there are easy to unlock, there are requirements and a high level of grinding.