Destiny 2 Beyond Light Release Details: Date, Game Pass, Season Pass Info & More

Want to know everything about Destiny 2 Beyond Light then check this guide.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is coming up soon and we bring you a comprehensive guide on the fifth major expansion of the game. In this article, we discuss what is new in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. What does the Season Pass holds and updates on Beyond Light New Raid? If you want details on Destiny 2 Beyond Light Preload and overall download size then keep reading.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Release Date:

Beyond Light is releasing on November 10. The preload begins 10 hrs before the official launch. Want to know what will be Destiny 2 Beyond Light download size then hit the link. Originally Beyond Light was about to release in September. Now it’s shifted to November 10, which is the final release of this game.

If you do not know much about Beyond Light expansion, then here are the details. You will be heading to Europa, the frozen room of Jupiter. You will be working with mysterious Exo Stranger to harness the dark power of Stasis. A new Guardian Sub-class will be unlocked in the expansion.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Release Time:

Beyond Light will be unlocked around 1 PM EDT on November 10. This prediction is on the basis of the previous expansion, there is no confirmed time when you can play Beyond Light. But there is one thing you must know, Beyond Light download size can be between 60 to 70GB due to fresh update. Some players will have to re-download the entire game including the base Destiny 2 game due to fresh files. Or else the actual expansion size is around 30 to 40% lesser than what is stated above.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Season Pass:

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Season Pass

Beyond Light Game will be available for consoles and PC platforms on the official release date. That is November 10, where players who own Season Pass will have some additional benefits. They can access Season 12 content. Season Pass is sold separately also there are some exclusive pre-order rewards. Beyond Light expansion is available in three editions: Deluxe, Standard +Season, and Standard Edition. There is also a collector’s edition with more rewards and a Stranger Edition. Refer to for more details.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light New Raid Release Date:

Deep Stone Crypt is the new raid in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. It is coming on November 21 in Beyond Light. The raid will launch at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm BST. For the first 24 hours, the raid will use a content mode modifier and later it will be set to 1250 power.

Players who complete the new raid within 24 hours will unlock an exclusive banner. But if you miss this chance then you can still earn an exclusive jacket, but not after December 1, 2020. Completing the new raid at any point unlocks a new Emblem.