How to get the Destiny 2 Bastion exotic fusion rifle quest

Prasad More
3 Min Read

Destiny 2 has provided some of the best quests in gaming history and some of these can get a bit draining at times, the same goes for the Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle Quest. On top of that, there are places in this quest that you will have to visit which aren’t even marked on the map. This guide will show you how to complete the Destiny 2 Bastion exotic fusion rifle quest.

How to get the Destiny 2 Bastion exotic fusion rifle quest

How to start Bastion exotic quest

This is easy if you have already completed the obelisk quests Recovering the Past and An Impossible Task if you have then all you have to do is talk to Saint 14 to begin the quest for Bastion exotic quest.

If you haven’t completed then all you have to do is simply complete it at first and then come back to this.

How to collect Fallen Intel

In order to collect Fallen Intel, all you need to do is kill all the Fallen Captains and servitors at the Tangled Shore, it won’t take much time and should be easily done.

Backroom Brawl

The next step is the fact that you will have to take down a specific enemy, he is called Aksiniks, Bound by Honor. To find him you will have to go in the Empty Tank lost sector which you can find near the Thieve’s Landing at Tangled Shore.

A Strong Arm

For this you will need to complete 10 Spider bounties, with that you will also need to kill about 30 challenging enemies and complete 8 public events at Tangled Shore. The best part about this is the fact that the 30 challenging enemies can be taken down while completing other tasks.

Rude Awakening

You have to find a hidden grave in the Trapper’s Cave lost sector, for this you will have to travel to the Four Horn Gulch area of the Tangled Shore. It can be found next to a pond.

Altered Chief

For the final step, all you have to do is complete a strike called The Hallowed Lair. You will have to kill an enemy named Defiled Reysk, once you are done with everything stated above you can go back to Saint-14 and collect your Bastion exotic fusion rifle.