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Destiny 2 New In 2020 – Exotic Quest, Legendary Weapons & More

Season 9 Updates

New events are coming up the first quarter of year 2020 for Destiny and here is a complete update what you can expect. Sundial Activity is starting from Jan 7, 2020. Destiny 2 Season Pass holder will be able to access the Repair the Sundial event in Destiny 2 where they can play Turn Back Time and defend the Sundial from Cable, a 6 player new matchmade activity.

Players can pick the weapon they want and complete Timelost Weapon frames to earn them. The difficulty level for Sundial activity is not revealed, but probably there will be new challenges lined up for Destiny 2 players.


On the same day on Jan 7, a new quest will be unlocked that will reward an Exotic Sidearm – Devil’s Ruin. The sidearm carries a unique ability to shoot a charge-up laser as a secondary firing function good enough to stun strong enemies. Sundial and Exotic Sidearms are reserved for Season Pass holders only.

Next Destiny 2 Season 9 Exotic Quest will be unlocked on Jan 28, where players will get a chance to earn Bastion Fusion Rifle (requires Season Pass). It can shoot three spreads of kinetic slugs and can bypass shields to an extent. After completing these two events three are lined for February 2020.

A completely new Empyrean Foundation is getting unlocked on February 4 where players will have to stack up Fractaline to repair the foundation, as per data miners around 5K Fractaline will be needed to fix it. this quest will be available for all Destiny 2 players, while the next one is Sundia: Inotam, Oblivions’ Trinune requires Season Pass where players will be facing some really tough enemies.


The last event for the month of February is between Feb 11 to Feb 18 available for all Destiny 2 players. The event is return of Crimson Days where Destiny 2 players can chase bounties and earn in-game awards. We will update more details on this soon.