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Demon’s Souls Remake Will Have 180 Video Tips, DualSense Features & More

The remake of Demon’s Souls remains a challenging game. But it shouldn’t be an overly frustrating experience for newbies. The new game will have over 180 help tips for the PS5. But the shorter loading times will also go easy on your nerves.


Last month, Sony took a look at the PS5’s user interface. The new features include a game help function. As a PS Plus user, in some games, you can access tips directly from the PS5 user interface at certain points instead of searching for answers on your phone.

Demon’s Souls remake is one of the games that support this function. According to a new article in the Washington Post, the game will contain more than 180 practical tips and guides that will help you through sections of the game.

Ultimately, no new difficulty settings were added to Demon’s Souls remake. Still, the experience should be a bit more accessible for FromSoftware newbies thanks to the new PS5 feature. Regardless of the help, Demon’s Souls should remain a game in which you often fail.

So that the experience doesn’t become too frustrating, the developers use the advantages of the PS5 SSD. This means that after your virtual death in Demon’s Souls remake you will quickly find yourself back in the game thanks to the significantly reduced loading times.

“The solid state drive is a game changer, particularly for ‘Demon’s Souls.’ … With the original I think that the frustration that the game had didn’t come from the dying or the challenges. It came from the long load times waiting to get back into the game to take revenge and get your souls back and carry on with your adventure,” says creative director Gavin Moore.

In addition, Demon’s Souls uses the features of the DualSense, which thanks to the haptic feedback enables more immersion. Noticeable feedback should also ease the challenges.


“You can feel metal strike metal. You can feel it in your hands when you make a perfect parry to give you the counterattack. You can feel the block was correct. I hit home. I felt it hit home. I know I gave that boss damage, and I can get out there, move back and wait for their attack to come in. So it actually makes the gameplay better and it makes the game feel a little bit easier,” Moore further said.

Demon’s Souls is one of the first PS5 games. The launch of the new console will take place on November 12/19, 2020, provided there are no date adjustments.