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How To Trade With Sparkly Crow In Demon’s Souls

Pull off an excellent trade.

Demon’s Souls PS5 version is out and players are going gaga about the same. Sparkly the crow is an NPC in Demon’s Souls PS5 that allows you to trade certain items in exchange for certain other items. Its broken English makes it challenging for various players to make a trade with Sparkly crow in Demon’s Souls. Here’s what its English means and how you can pull off an excellent trade with Sparkly crow in Demon’s Souls. But before that let’s find out where you can locate Sparkly in Demon’s Souls PS5.

Demon’s Souls PS5: Where to Find Sparkly Crow?

You will find Sparkly crow located at the highest point in the Shrine of Storms. It will be sitting on a large tree on the top of the Shrine of Storms. Look out for the place where you find the compound longbow. Straight in front of the longbow location is an exit that will head you to Sparkly.

Demon’s Souls PS5: How to Trade With Sparkly Crow?

Once you find Sparkly crow, you can trade with it by dropping items on the ground in front of the tree in Demon’s Souls PS5. When you drop the items, Sparkly will start interacting with you in its broken English, that you need to hear closely if you don’t want to lose your items.

If the crow says, “Sparkly, happy, happy! Caw,” it means that it is happy and will initiate the trade. On the other hand, if the crow says, “No sparkly! Caw. That not twinkly!,” it means that the trade will not take place and you should take back your items as soon as possible. If Sparkly is happy, you can reload the area to find the exchanged item.

where to trade with sparkly crow in demon's souls ps5

You can exchange an item only once with the crow and only one at a time. If you try to exchange two items at once, only one of the items will be exchanged and the other will be lost forever. So don’t try exchanging two items at once if you don’t want to lose anything.

Demon’s Souls: What Items Can You Exchange?

Find below a list of all the items that you can trade with Sparkly crow in Demon’s Souls PS5 and the items that you get in exchange.

What to drop What you will get
Soul Remains White Arrow x 10
Chunk of Mercurystone New Moon Grass x 10
Chunk of Moonlightstone White Arrow x 40
Augite of Guidance White Arrow x 10
Shard of Mercurystone Full Moon Grass x 10
Chunk of Faintstone Sticky White Stuff x 10
Gold Mask Colorless Demon’s Soul
Talisman of God Colorless Demon’s Soul
Pure Mercurystone Dark Moon Grass x 10
Shard of Moonlightstone White Arrow x 20
Silver Bracelet Storied Hero’s Soul
Silver Coronet Storied Hero’s Soul
Pure Moonlightstone White Bow
Shard of Faintstone Shard of Archstone x 5
Phosphorescent Pole Ring of Magical Dullness
Large Sword of Moonlight Ring of Devout Prayer
Pure Faintstone Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x 3
Jade Hair Ornament Regenerator’s Ring
Brass Telescope Fragrant Ring

That’s everything you need to know about how to trade with Sparkly crow in Demon’s Souls PS5. While here, ensure reading our guide on how to beat the Armor Spider Boss. This will help you take down one of the first bosses you encounter in the game easily. Also, find out whether or not Demon’s Souls supports multiplayer mode so that you can play with your friends.