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Demon’s Souls Armor Spider Guide: How to Beat the Armor Spider Boss

Here's a quick guide on how to defeat the Armor Spider Boss.

Ever since the game Demon’s Souls released, there are thousands of players who have been having trouble knowing how to beat Armor Spider in the game. If you have started playing the game then you must have realized that encountering Demon bosses are the hardest things in Demon’s Souls.

If you too are finding it hard to beat Armor Spider in Demon’s Soul then don’t worry we have covered the best possible ways to approach game’s bosses.


How to beat Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls

Similar to enemies you encountered throughout the mines in Godfall, the Armor Spider is weak to magic. That means that you can take advantage of magic if you are a spellcaster. Notably, you can only leverage that weakness of your character is melee-focused.

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The Magic Method


Since Armor Spider is resistance to fire, fire-based attacks and spells would not cause any damage to her. Instead of using any fire-elemental attacks, the player should begin attacking the Armor Spider along with a Spell Arrow. Make sure to be in the beast’s range and protect yourself from her attacks. If you stay close to the arachnid boss, it will ensure that the Soul Arrows connect.

It should be noted that the enemy’s biggest threat is her fireball salvos. You should always keep a close eye on her webs, too, because getting hit by one of its projectiles or stepping onto a patch of it reduces the player’s movement. You should also resist dodge rolling when covered by the web because it would only make dodging fireball attacks more difficult.

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The Melee Method

Make sure to have a few Sticky White Slime ready because it will enchant your sword upon using. It will allow it to deal with magic damage – the Armor Spider’s weakness. If you keep the weapon enhancement active, it will help you dish out additional damage when you get enough close, which causes the fight to take less time. In order to get in striking range, you should dodge roll various fireballs.

In order to avoid the enemy’s unblockable leg slam attack, players should stay at the centre. Since this attack would not inflict much damage, you can easily block it by raising the shield. You should always search for the black tar that the Armor Spider will start regurgitating. Make sure to book the black stuff as early as see it as a bunch of fire in on your way. This could be the attack that will inflict massive damage to you, so watch for it closely and react instantly.

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While you are back at the beginning of the tunnel, you will have enough time to heal yourself by using some grasses and reapply the Sticky White Slime before diving back in and repeating the entire process.

Armor Spider Rewards

If you have managed to defeat the Armor Spider, you will get the following rewards:

  • 5,950 souls
  • Hard Demon Soul

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Armor Spider in Demon’s Souls.