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How To Become A Demon In Wisteria 2 (Unlock Demonic Path)

Looking forward to taking on the demonic path? Then here's all about how you can become a demon in Wisteria 2.

If you are ready to choose a different path, then we’ll help you become a Demon in Wisteria 2. But before you do, make sure you are ready to do what it takes to climb the demon ranks.  After turning into a monster, you will not only receive demonic strength but also have access to the Demon Arts. As every choice you make here affects your experience, let’s see what exactly you’ll have to do to become a Demon in the game.

How Can I Turn into A Demon in Wisteria 2?

How Can I Turn into A Demon in Wisteria 2
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In Wisteria 2 to become a demon you’ll have to meet Yoshi and take on the A Different Path main quest. To do so, you’ll have to be at least at level 5. If you already fulfilled the requirement to turn into a demon, then go ahead and meet this white-haired NPC. After doing that there are more things you’ll have to do, that we have mentioned in the article below.

  1. First, go ahead and meet Yoshi (White-haired NPC) and choose the I want to follow a different path (Demon) option.
  2. Next, he will ask you to meet a bald guy known as Mito in the village for more info.
  3. After that, go and meet Machigai who will be waiting for you in the dark cave located in Konkyu Village.
  4. Next, he will give you an offer that you have to accept and will ask you to meet Asahi in Shizukana Village for further info.
  5. Once you meet him, he will give you your first task to become a Demon in Wisteria 2.
  6. Asahi will ask you to go to Mizumi Village and talk to Chikazuki.

    How To Become A Demon In Wisteria 2 (Steps & Requirements)
    Source Images: Builderboy TV
  7. Chikazuki lives in a small house and will be very impolite from the start. Simply fight and defeat him until Asahi gives you the choice to Spare or End.
  8. After you’ve made your choice, Asahi will ask you to meet Chikazuki’s Mother, Chiyo.
  9. So simply meet Chiyo and fight her until you get the choice to End or Spare.
  10. After you’re done with that, head back to Machigai and interact with him to turn yourself into a demon.

As mentioned earlier, every choice you make will affect your experience. So according to some players, if you Spare Chikazuki and his mother you’ll get to keep your soul. But if you end their life, then you’ll turn into a demon from your core.

That is all you need to know about how you can become a demon in Wisteria 2. No matter if you are a demon or a Slayer the Redeem codes will surely benefit you in the game. If you’re a newcomer, then don’t forget to check out Wisteria 2 Official Trello link & Discord details for more tips & tricks.