How To Complete The BitLife Weekend Demon Slayer Challenge

In this guide you'll discover all the steps required to complete the demon slayer challenge in BitLife.

BitLife has a new challenge for this weekend in the form of the Demon Slayer Challenge. This is one for those that have a thing for demons, ghosts, spirits, and exorcisms. In this guide, we’ll list out all the steps by which you can complete the Demon Slayer Challenge.

How to Complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in Bitlife?

demon slayer challenge bitlife

Here are all the tasks you need to complete followed by the steps to achieve them in order to successfully accomplish the Demon Slayer challenge.

Tasks for Completing the Demon Slayer Challenge

tasks demon slayer challenge bitlife

  1. Be born In Japan.
  2. Have a little sister.
  3. Master Judo and Karate.
  4. Become an Exorcist.
  5. Perform 12 exorcisms in your own haunted houses.

1) How to Be Born in Japan

Your character needs to be born in Japan and be of Japanese descent. You can ensure your character gets this fulfilled while creating a new human specifically for this challenge by selecting Japan as their country of birth. Moreoever if this isn’t possible, you can always choose to get your parents to adopt a child of Japanese heritage. Once done, you can simply switch to the adopted child’s life. There’s task 1 completed.

2) How to Have a Little Sister in Bitlife

Task 2 involves you having a little sister. Try to ensure your Mother who should be of Japanese heritage is lesser than 41 years of age to increase her chances of having a daughter. Try to have a mixed attitude of well-behaved with a touch of mischief. This prompts your parents to have more kids which eventually should be a girl. If this doesn’t work, you can always repeat the steps from task one and as a parent adopt a younger girl of Japanese heritage then switch to the son’s life. Since both are parented by the same parents and are of the same heritage, BitLife counts the girl as your younger sister. This will complete task 2.

3) How to Master Judo and Karate in Bitlife

Once the first 2 tasks are complete, head over to Mind and Body and in Martial Arts, select Practice Judo and keep taking lessons until you’ve stopped earning belts. This would mean you’ve mastered it and don’t need any further lessons. Similarly, you can master Karate as well using the same steps. Task 3 done and dusted.

4) How to Become an Exorcist in Bitlife

The 4th segment of this task list requires you to be an exorcist. In the occupation section, head over to jobs. Here, locate the exorcist job. Answer the job question correctly and you’ll become an exorcist instantly. Task 4 is now in the bag. In case you don’t find “exorcist” listed as a job, head to the end of this article for a trick you can use to get it.

5) How to Perform 12 Exorcisms in Your Own House in Bitlife

For the final task, you need to perform 12 exorcisms in haunted houses owned by you. To do this you’ll need to buy haunted houses. In assets, select “go shopping” and locate some real estate brokers. Here you’ll find a list of haunted houses to buy. Before you buy try and ensure the hauntedness level isn’t too high since that just complicates things for your character. Once owned, head to properties and select the haunted house. Now look for spirits and exorcise them with the options given. Furthermore, you can choose to hire an exorcist or save money and simply do it yourself. In order to complete this task, you’ll need to repeat these steps 12 times or more until 12 exorcisms have been completed.

Tips to Speed Up and Complete The Demon Slayer Challenge in Bitlife

If you’re failing at completing tasks, you can use a simple trick that BitLife has gracefully chosen not to patch up. You can use this to abuse the game and complete almost any challenge. Here’s how you do it:

  • Pick a task and try to complete it. If you face the problem of selecting an option or factor that isn’t occurring as per your need, you can simply head out of the app.
  • Now just close it in the recent apps tab.
  • Now relaunch BitLife.
  • This works when your mother gives birth to a son, which you can eventually use to get a sister.
  •  Furthermore, use this if Exorcist isn’t listed in the jobs, doing it will eventually list it and get you to apply.
  • Moreover, If the exorcisms continue failing, you can do the same and get them to succeed. Just make sure you do it well before and not die to the ghost.

The aforementioned methods will easily complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife for you. In the scenario that you’re falling short of money, here’s a guide on how to become billionaire in Bitlife.