How To Find The Secret Boss Location In Deltarune Chapter 2

Just like Undertale and Deltarune Chapter 1, this game too has a secret boss. Let's see how to find it.

If you have played the previous game Undertale by Toby Fox or even Chapter 1 of Deltarune you must be aware that these games have secret bosses. Deltarune Chapter 2 is no stranger to this format. Warning: This guide will contain minor spoilers so before you proceed just know that you have been warned. There indeed is a secret boss in this game and you will need to go to some extra lengths to find it. So without further ado, let’s check how to find the Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret boss.

How to Unlock Secret Boss in Deltarune Chapter 2

deltarune chapter 2 how to find the secret boss
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To find the secret boss you will need to first buy KeyGen from Spamton. Next, you will have to go to the 1st floor in the Queen’s Mansion and use the KeyGen to access the B1F entrance. Disable the forcefield and get the EmptyDisk from the Old Machine. Go back to Spamton and receive another disk in exchange for the EmptyDisk. Finally, head back to the Old Machine and insert the new disk to encounter the secret boss Spamton NEO.

In case you don’t have any of the prerequisites mentioned above you can check the steps mentioned below for a detailed breakdown of how to find the boss.

Where to Find Spamton Shop and Buy KeyGen – Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Boss

  • Travel to Trash Zone. Head left until you reach a dead-end. Walk up to the opening in the fence-like area.
  • Enter the door in front of the pile of trash.
  • Buy KeyGen from Spamton. The prices always keep changing as they are glitched so you can get it for as low as 25 Kromer.

How to Use the KeyGen and Basement location

  • Once you get the KeyGen select Escape to exit Spamton’s shop.
  • Now head to the mansion in 1F.
  • The next step is to keep going right until you find yourself in front of traffic.
  • Dodge the cars by using the switches to make them stop.
  • If timed correctly you can avoid all of them without taking any damage.
  • Once you hit the last switch it will unleash mice which will stop the traffic making it easier for you to traverse this area if you ever need to get back here.
  • Keep heading right until you reach a dead-end there you will find two blue objects besides a gray bowl.
  • Interact with the one on the right and it will enable a secret switch that opens a path down which wasn’t there before.
  • Go down this new road and use the KeyGen to progress ahead.
  • As you head right you will see a door with the sign B1F to go into the basement.
  • Follow the path to reach the Queen’s mansion Basement savepoint.

How to Disable the Forcefield and Find the EmptyDisk

On the right of the save point, you can see a forcefield that you will need to disable before you progress further. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Head left until you reach the end and go up to the entrance.
  • Board the teacups and go down.
  • Once down again proceed left and turn off the forcefield
  • Go back to the teacups to head back up. Here you will have to dodge the incoming lasers.
  • Once you are up head back to the Queen’s mansion save point.
  • Start going right to the path which was previously blocked by the forcefield.
  • Follow the path until you find rail tracks.
  • Enter the tunnel opening on the right.
  • Follow the path on the right.
  • Take the EmptyDisk from the Old Machine.

How to Return the EmptyDisk to Spamton and Complete Transfer

  • Return to Trash Zone and go back to Spamton’s Shop and return the disk back to him.
  • Once the transfer begins and the wall is gray it is important to wait and do nothing until the transfer is complete.
  • When the transfer is complete head back to the Old Machine.

Where to find Spamton NEO?

  • Insert the new disk into the Old Machine and interact with it.
  • Go back and start heading left on the rail tracks and here you will get ambushed by Spamton NEO.

That sums up this guide on how to find and reach the Secret Boss in Deltarune chapter 2. Since you like playing Deltarune Chapter 2 be sure to check our guide on how to make the twisted sword.

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