Deltarune: How To Get Pure Crystal And Thorn Ring To Make Twisted Sword

Here's everything that's known about how to get Pure Crystal and Thorn Ring to make Twisted Sword in Deltarune.

Deltarune is an RPG that’s quite similar to Undertale, so if you like that game, chances are that you are enjoying this one too. For players who are curious to know how to craft a Twisted Sword but don’t know how to get the Pure Crystal and Thorn Ring, read on. I won’t be revealing all the details but there could be some minor spoilers, so with that, let’s continue.

How to Get Pure Crystal and Thorn Ring for Twisted Sword in Deltarune

To make the Twisted Sword, you require a Thorn Ring and Pure Crystal. You can get the Thorn Ring in the second chapter of Deltarune. But the way to get Pure Crystal is not yet confirmed. Many players are guessing that when the Seam purifies the 3 Shadow Crystals, you get a Pure Crystal. In the game, there are only two available right now, so it seems that we have to wait until the next chapters are released.

How to get the Shadow Crystals, you ask? You need to defeat Jevil in Chapter 1 and Spamton NEO in Chapter 2 to get 2 Shadow Crystals. Make sure to talk to Steam in Castle Town to get more information about them.

how to get thorn ring in deltarune

Now, let’s discuss the Thorn Ring. It’s a weapon that you will need for the Weird Route and only Noelle can use it. To get the Thorn Ring, you have to find Spamton hiding in a dumpster and interact with him. He will ask – Are you looking for the Ring of Thorns? Select Yes and purchase it for 1997 Kromer. Once you have it, he will say – “Careful! it might sting!” The Thorn Ring will reduce the cost of Noelle’s IceShock and SnowGrave spells by 50% and it will also lower her HP to 55 while she is in combat.

So, let’s wait for more information in the upcoming chapters about the Pure Crystal in Deltarune and when that happens, we will update this guide. We will be covering more about this game, so stay tuned!