How To Beat Sandman In Spider-Man 2

One of the first foes you will encounter is the Sandman, who makes for an unexpectedly early challenge. However, his towering form may seem intimidating, but with the right tactics, the Sandman can be bested even in the opening hours. We’ll explain how to overcome Sandman in Spider-Man 2.

Tips to Defeat Sandman Easily in Spider-Man 2

sandman in spider man 2 2

Dodging Attacks

Sandman will be impossible to damage at first. Focus on dodging his attacks. Look for opportunities to throw debris back at him, which will slowly chip away at his health. After dodging for a while, a web strike prompt will appear. Hit it to stun Sandman briefly.

Running Away

Sandman will throw Spider-Man into a building. Hold R2 and use the left stick to guide Spider-Man as he runs away. Rescue a civilian when prompted with Triangle. Keep swinging with Miles until he saves them. You’ll enter an area filled with Sandman’s minion enemies. Beat them with Square combos. When overwhelmed, use Spider-Barrage to defeat enemies quickly.

Taking Down Sandman

The real Sandman appears. Hit R1+L1 to drop a water pipe on him as Miles throws objects at Sandman with R1+L1 until a prompt appears near his shoulder. Hit triangle to crystallize his shoulder, then chase him and use webs and his chunks to damage him. Repeat until both shoulders are destroyed.

Sandman uses dangerous sand streams. Dodge it and continue attacking openings. Peter assists Miles by throwing a water tank. Hit the prompt to deal more damage.

Escaping the Collapse

Sandman chases both heroes. Guide Miles with the left stick and dodge. Defeat minions, then use Venom Punches taught earlier to finish them off and Miles charges Spider-Arms. With teamwork and perseverance, you can overcome Sandman’s imposing threats.

These are all the tips you can do to defeat Sandman in Spider-Man 2. If you are interested in Spider-Man 2 Guides, you can also check out how to heal and best suit tech upgrades, right here on Gamer Tweak.