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How To Hide from Mule Scanners in Death Stranding

Fooling the Mules

In Death Stranding Mules have their own territory they are one who rob cargo and store them in their camps. Looting Mules camp will reward you a lot of construction material so it is worth to give a try, but they can be annoying if you only want to deliver. Mules can track you down using scanners if you fall in the range then they will be notified and start attacking you. In this guide you will learn how to escape from Mules in Death Stranding.

How to escape from Mule Scanners

Mules camps are mostly surrounded by pole sensors, after doing two to three delivers the map will give show you a big oran

argo location. Running away is the only best thing to do if you are not having weapons, or hiding. Here’s what you have to do.

  1. When you see the Ping, hide there are tall grasses in the areas where Mules set the camp. Hide inside it, they will come inspect and go away.
  2. If you spot a pole from a distance, try to be out of its range. Avoid it at all cost and there will be no alert.
  3. If you plant to fight the Mules then you can take them down in stealth. But you will have to carry limited or no cargo, you can store your cargo in Private locker accessible through Terminal and Post Box.
  4. After completing Order 28 Wheat Seed Delivery – Timefall Farmers you will unlock Scanner Nullification upgrade. This will allow you to cancel the ping as soon as your location is detected by a Mule Scanner. Through this upgrade Sam can send a ping that will make scanners hard to detect him.

If in case you are near to a Mule camp and get attacks then you can engage into a melee combat. Press Square to attack repeatedly. Press L2 + X or R2 + X to dodge the attacks. Press L2+R2 and then attack with square to break their defense. Later you will unlock new weapons like Bola Gun that will shoot ropes on Mules. It will be unlocked after completing Order 22. Tie them up and kick to make then unconscious.

Hope the following tips will help you to deal with Mules.