How To Defeat Igneo Talus In Zelda TOTK

The Igneo Talus in Zelda TOTK is a fierce enemy, so here's how to beat it.

The Igneo Talus miniboss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is the strongest among its brethren, so it’s difficult to defeat it. You will find this talus in the fiery regions of Eldin Canyon, Death Mountains, and the Depths below them. This talus covered in lava has many strong attacks which can deplete much of Link’s health in an instant. Moreover, unlike other Talus, you will have a difficult time attacking its weak point due to the lava-covered body. In this guide, we will tell you how to beat it in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Prepare for the Igneo Talus Fight

Before fighting the Igneo Talus, you should equip yourself with the Flamebreaker Armor. This armor protects Link from Flame Damage. You can get the whole set at the Armor Store in Goron City. Next, you’ll need loads of Ice Fruits and White ChuChu Jellies. These items will help you cool down the Igneo Talus, which is crucial to defeating it. And finally, we recommend you get some HP meals like Hearty Mushroom Skewers. These will replenish Link’s health if he’s hit with an attack. Moreover, it’ll help if you’ve unlocked Sidon’s water-slash attack by completing Sidon of the Zora quest.

How to Beat Igneo Talus in Zelda TOTK

Use ice fruit to cool down Igneo Talus in TOTK
Image Source: Calem MrNazreenn on YouTube

Now that you’ve fully prepared for this miniboss fight, to defeat Igneo Talus in Zelda TOTK:

  1. Attack the Talus with Ice Fruit or White ChuChu Jelly-infused arrows to cool it down.
  2. Now, climb on the Talus and hit the crystal with your best weapon.
  3. Jump down after a few attacks and repeat the process.
  4. If you get hit, then use the HP meals to replenish Link’s health right away.
  5. You can also use Sidon’s water-slash attack to cool down the Talus.

Igneo Talus Drops

Once you beat the Igneo Talus, it will drop the following items:

  • Flint
  • Opal
  • Ruby
  • Igneo Talus Heart

You cannot pick up the Igneo Talus Heart but you can infuse it with one of your weapons.

That’s all from us on how to defeat the Igneo Talus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). While you’re here, check out the best Cold & Heat Resistance recipes in our TOTK guides section.

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