How To Fight Elder Guardian In Minecraft

Here is how you can successfully find and defeat the underwater elder guardian in Minecraft.

Minecraft has introduced many new mobs to defeat in the past few updates, including the Elder Guardian. You may have even stumbled upon their regular versions during your exploration adventures. If you have tried exploring underwater temples then you surely have encountered them. The Guardians tend to jump scare you and scare you away from their homes to protect Elders at any cost. Nonetheless, the elder and more difficult version of them can be defeated if you know the right steps. Let’s take a look at what these steps are to defeat the Elder Guardian in Minecraft.

How to Fight and Defeat Elder Guardian in Minecraft

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The Elder Guardian can be found at the underwater Ocean Monument in Minecraft. There are three of them in each monument. These Ocean Monuments can easily be spotted from the water’s surface, especially at night time. The monuments can spawn only in Deep Oceans. This includes deep oceans, deep lukewarm oceans, deep frozen oceans, and deep cold oceans.

When attempting to find and defeat Elder Guardians in Minecraft, you will have to learn some tricks and also be geared up to fight. Keep in mind that they apply mining fatigue on you making it so that you cannot just escape for air. A good technique to get around this is to place torches around which will create air bubbles for you to breathe in. Despite this trick, it is recommended you use potions of water breathing and a helmet enchanted with respiration.

Getting through the Ocean Monument Labyrinth

defeat elder guardian minecraft

The three Elder Guardians that spawn here are located in separate locations, in order to make Minecraft challenging enough to defeat them. The first one spawns at the top of the temple while the other two spawn in the wings of the temple on each side of it.

You are going to have to fight through regular Guardians as you get through its maze-like structure. But, you can utilize invisibility potions to make this part easier. It also makes it easier to somehow mark the rooms you have been in already, for less confusion.

Fighting and Defeating all Elder Guardians

defeat elder guardian minecraft

Elder Guardians in Minecraft can be recognized by their greyer color and bigger size while being hard to defeat. One of the attacks it uses is a laser, this can be countered by breaking the line of sight with it. It also uses spikes on its body which make it so that it cant be hit with a melee weapon. This is why you are going to need Bow and a Trident in order to defeat Elder Guardians.

Make sure your Bow is enchanted with power and your trident is enchanted with impaling. This will make the fight much easier and faster. Be wary of other regular guardians that can spawn while you fight the Elder Guardian. You can also use Milk to get rid of your mining fatigue in case you are stuck in a bad position and need to escape. Using this information, make your way around the structure and defeat all three Elder Guardians.

Once all three Elder Guardians have been defeated, they will not respawn nor will the regular guardians. At this point, you will be free to explore and loot the Ocean Monument at your leisure. Make sure you mine the valuable prismarine blocks and also loot the gold bars found in its treasury.

That is all you need to know on how to defeat the Elder Guardian in Minecraft. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on Minecraft like where to get a skeleton horse and how to get an Elytra.