How To Defeat Bahamut Fury In Crisis Core FFVII

Unable to defeat Bahamut Fury in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion? Check out this guide for some tips and strategies.

Square Enix has recently launched the remastered version of the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. With HD graphics the game is made more fun to play. While you will battle the same bosses, the intensity of their look and the arena you battle in gives it a more appealing look. Speaking of bosses, how can we forget the Bahamut Fury who appears in Chapter 4? This is one of the toughest Dragon bosses to appear in gaming history. Hence, we are here to help you out throughout the entire scenario. Check out this guide that features some tips and strategies to defeat the Bahamut Fury in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Tips & Strategies to Beat Bahamut Fury in Crisis Core

How To Beat Bahamut Fury In Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

The wisest strategy is to analyze and prepare counterattacks for the enemy’s attacks before entering any kind of battle. However, we have made the job easier for you as here’s how you can beat the Bahamut Fury.

  • Since all the moves in Bahamut Fury’s arsenal can cause heavy damage, it is recommended to equip the Regen or Barrier Materia. The Regen will gradually restore your HP, whereas, the Barrier will reduce the Physical Damage you receive.
  • The very obvious attack of Bahamut Fury includes a normal Arm Swing. Don’t be relaxed as it can knock you far back. Although, you can also use the Jump Materia to not even dodge that Arm Swing but also deal some damage. Make sure that you perfectly cast this Materia as the timing does matter!

How To Beat Bahamut Fury In Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

  • Further, another destructive offense in Bahamut’s Arsenal allows him to launch three energy orbs. You will know he is about to launch three damaging orbs at you as he charges it before shooting it. If you are careful enough, you can avoid it by simply moving between the gaps of those orbs.

How To Beat Bahamut Fury In Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

  • It is important for you to attack him with the sword whenever you get the opportunity. Moreover, you can use Materia like Energy or Costly Punch to give Zack some buff. One of the strongest moves that are more than enough to decimate you is Exaflare. Though, you can completely interrupt Bahamut Fury’s ultimate move in Crisis Core. All you got to do is interrupt it with the strongest move in your playbook to cause critical damage. This will break down the sequence and restrict Bahamut Fury from using Exaflare. Just make sure that the ABILITY POWER bar of Bahamut Fury never gets filled as this is the beginning phase of it using the Exaflare.
  • After that, you may have noticed the spinning numbers and faces on the top left of the screen. That is the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) system that grants the player a Limit Break Ability. While attempting to defeat the Bahamut Fury, the odds of Aerith are the highest. If Aerith appears in the DMW then you will be given the Healing Wave which will completely restore your HP, MP, and AP. Well, this makes sense as Aerith strengthens Zack as he got a soft spot for her.

So, you just need to play carefully to pull all the stars back in your favor. Once you know to optimumly use your arsenal, you are all set to defeat the Bahamut Fury in Crisis Core.

That’s everything covered on defeating the Bahamut Fury in Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Crisis Core guides on Gamer Tweak.