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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Defeat The Allmother Narwa?

Let’s see how to defeat the Allmother Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise

With version 3.0 of Monster hunter rise came a new boss villain, Narwa the Allmother. Players will be fighting Narwa during the very end and will have to stop her from breeding. Like any other boss fight, this one is also very detailed and incredibly difficult. The fight is so detailed that is divided into two parts. Let’s see how to defeat the Allmother Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise.

How To Defeat Allmother Narwa In Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster hunter rise Narwa

You have to stop Narwa and Ibushi from breeding so you will be fighting them both. Follow the steps to know how to defeat both of them:

  • Before starting the mission don’t forget to collect Spiribird as this will give you unlimited health and unlimited stamina. This is a big fight so you will need all the health and stamina you can get. Check out the chest as well to grab some more items.
  • The fight will start with Ibushi, you will find him at the same place where you fought Narwa for the first time.
  • Ibushi’s attack will also send some rocks up in the air, wait for it and take a step back. Use these rocks to charge towards Ibushi as it will give you the right elevation.
  • Ibushi’s weak point is its chest so try to aim all your attacks there.
  • You will find a Ballista but getting to it and using it is a Task. If you do get a chance try to aim all your shots at Ibushi’s chest.
  • One of Ibushi’s attack will create small tornado’s while these might seem deadly they will toss you up in the air and save from some consecutive attacks of Ibushi.
  • Once Ibushi’s health is low enough a cut scene will trigger which will see Ibushi breaking the ground and falling beneath it. This will take you to the second part of the fight.
  • At the beginning of this part, you will see Narwa coming and sort of biting Ibushi and killing it.
  • Every hit of Narwa is very deadly so make sure you take all the Lanternbugs you find. You will find some Snowbeetles, these will get your extra damage so grab these as well.
  • Look for the Aurorturtle as well, this will keep you in stable health and let your character faint when the health bar goes low.
  • Lightning bolts, Lightning pillars, and laser beams are some of the Narwa’s deadliest attacks so try to stay away from them as much as you can
  • Dragonator’s are the deadliest in this battle, they will start from the middle and move outwards so sneakily get to the middle to dodge them.
  • Machine guns and canons will pop out of the ground. There will be a slow-motion where you will be able to use the machine guns. Use them as much as you can as during this period as this is your time to shine.
  • Magnamalo, Kushala Daora, and Teostra one of them will drop in the middle of the battle after Narwa has taken enough hits. Which one of them will enter is completely random.
  • Although it seems it’s against you the monster has come in to help you. The monster will be attacking Narwa and you can ride it as well to get in the right position faster and dish out more damage.
  • Use the monster to its optimum and don’t forget to use its special attack once the bar is full.
  • Narwa’s weakest points are the tentacles on her arms, the area under her head, her back, and her tail. Make sure you target all your attacks here to get the most of them.
  • Once Narwa dies go around the area and collect all the drops you find. There will be a lot of drops so scrape around thoroughly.

Narwa is one of the toughest so taking her on in multiplayer mode would be preferable. Make sure you take a healer with you as they will be able to heal the teammates regularly. The one downside is that if any of your teammates die 3 times you will have to start all over again. This makes the multiplayer option a double edge sword so decide wisely.

This was all you needed to know about how to defeat Narwa, do check out our article to know how to kill Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise.