Death Zone Codes (February 2023)

Here are the new working promo codes for Roblox Death Zone.

In Roblox Death Zone, you need to become the best hunter by upgrading all the different guns in your arsenal and killing the zombies. The best way to survive this world is by teaming up with other players. You can also try out the PVE matches, you have to be really good at surviving against other players here. So to help you get started, here are all the new working promo codes for Death Zone.

Death Zone Codes (February 2023)

The first code will be unlocked once the game reached 70k likes. Then more codes will be unlocked. Here are all the new requirements for Death Zone Codes:

  • 70k likes to unlock code for Legendary Animated Skin for all guns
  • 80k likes to unlock code for 300 free credits

Roblox Death Zone Codes


Death Zone Description

-Remodeled ACW-R, SCAR-L, M16, AUG and their Mags
-Improvements on the movement mechanics
-Shadows Event has ended
[PC] Remodeled the Radio Tower
[PC] Reduced the amount of shadow spawns
[PC] The game loads instantly & performance is increased
[PC] Teammates are visible on the map if they are less than 1500 meters away from you
-Fixed crafting bug and other minor bugs

___Welcome to Death Zone!___
Roleplaying/PvE! Cooperate with other survivors and fight against the monsters!
PvP! Fight against other players for resources!
Building! You can find materials in order to build a base!
Skills & Upgrades! Level up in order to improve on your character!

How to Get More New Codes?

To get new codes, all you have to do is follow the developers on Twitter or you can also bookmark this page to get all the latest updates.

So, there you have it, all the new Death Zone Codes. Buy guns, protect yourself and your friends, then survive the zombie nightmare! We’ve got quite a lot of Roblox codes specifically for all the popular ones out there. So go ahead and check them out on Gamer Tweak!