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Death Stranding Spoilers Are Already Being Circulated On Social Media Sites


Death Stranding is not even releasing this month and yet there are spoilers circulating about the game on the internet already, forums and social media sites have been circulating with rumors about the game all day long.

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As of right now, only review copies of Death Stranding have been given out but someone has been spoiling the game over at 4chan and other websites, Twitter users have been very vocal about Death Stranding.

Though the initial reaction of the people who have had the chance to play Death Stranding has been nothing short of immense praise, the actual embargo of the game lifts on the 1st of November an entire week before the release of Death Stranding which should allow a lot of the players to make up their mind about the game.

You can check out the following tweets about Death Stranding, but be careful as you may run into spoilers if you go down this rabbit hole.

A lot of the people are also protecting themselves of spoilers before they get to play Death Stranding for themselves like this particular user

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As far as we can say, Death Stranding was always going to be special and will certianly divide opinions but you have to give Hideo Kojima credit for creating something unique and beautiful for the gamers in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is developed by Kojima Productions and will be releasing on 8 November 2019 exclusively for the PS4.

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