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Leaked Death Stranding Video Finally Puts The Game In Perspective

Leaked Death Stranding briefing video finally answers what the Death Stranding is all about, ever since the announcement was made everyone was questioning about the true purpose of the game and Hideo Kojima played with everyone’s minds in the meantime.

While Death Stranding is a bit unconventional, it is still a game about connecting strands and building the bridge back up as people have been disconnected. You play as Sam Porter Bridges and you are tasked with walking from the East Coast to the West while repairing all the damages caused and rescue Amelie who has been kidnapped.


This leaked video of Death Stranding briefing was posted on YouTube by RePorter Bridges with Italian subtitles and is in a camrip so you won’t be able to see the finer details but you can hear everything that has been said in the video.


Sam gets roped in by Deadman to carry out this mission and eventually to find his way to Edge Knot City and free Amelie, which Sam refuses but then is eventually convinced to do it.


After months of speculation and brainstorming it is quite clear now what Death Stranding will be about and this not only drives up the curiosity as to what else might be uncovered in the game but as this is Kojima’s first game since leaving Konami, we’re certain that there will be tons of plot twists in the game.

Death Stranding is produced by Kojima Productions and is exclusively available for the PS4.