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Deadly Premonition 2 for Nintendo Switch Release Date Confirmed

Good news for fans of the hybrid console of the Big N, as the rumors of the past few days have been finally confirmed today. The news regarding Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise are outlined today as it gets a release date for Nintendo Switch.

Rising Star Games and TOYBOX Inc. have just confirmed that the open-world title between investigations and supernatural mysteries will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch consoles starting from July 10, 2020. The game will be available in both digital and retail versions at a price of $49.99.

The title is, at the same time, a prequel and sequel to the original, betting on an investigation in different moments of the timeline to discover everything. The cult classic will finally have a sequel, which takes you to Boston in the United States, will present a series of mysteries in a quiet location that you will have to solve.

It is a good opportunity to discover the investigations of agents Davis and Jones but above all to find the iconic Special Agent Francis York Morgan who has been able to involve and fascinate many players. The Agents will take you through events that take place before and after the original, looking for clues as to what happened and how they can solve this mystery.

Here is the trailer of Deadly Premonition 2 that accompanies the announcement of the release date:

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