How To Plant SOS Beacon In Dead Space Remake

Learn how to plant the SOS Beacon in Chapter 7 of the Dead Space Remake.

If you are in Chapter 7 of the Dead Space Remake, you might want to find out how to plant the SOS Beacon. After finding the Mining Access Key along with Clearance Level 3, the next step would be to find a way to plant the SOS Beacon on an asteroid tethered to the Ishimura. Let’s learn how to do this.

How to Plant SOS Beacon in Dead Space Remake

How To Plant SOS Beacon In Dead Space Remake

There are a number of steps you need to follow in order to get this right. Here are the steps to get your SOS Beacon planted on that asteroid.

Mining Bay

mining bay

After you reach Mining Bay, you will be tasked with planting the beacon on the asteroid. However, you will need to destroy the Gravity Tehthers attached to the asteroid first. There are four separate tethers that you need to destroy in order to continue. Two of these are inside the Mining Bay while the other two are outside so you should start with the ones on the ground level inside.

In order to destroy them, you need to use Statis on the spinning part to slow it down. While it is slowed down, wait for the glowing power junction part to be exposed and shoot at it once exposed. Repeat the same process for the one above by flying up to it in Zero-G. If you run out of Statis charge, you can use the recharge port on a wall nearby.

Outer Space

How To Plant SOS Beacon In Dead Space Remake

Next, you need to go outside the Mining Bay into Outer Space. Make sure to avoid all the dangerous obstacles that might be in your way and make your way toward the Gravity Thethers. These two Gravity Tethers will be on opposite ends of the Asteroid. Destroy these in the same way as shown before at Mining Bay.
After all the tethers have been successfully destroyed, you can finally work towards placing the beacon. To do that, simply fly over to the asteroid and find a nice spot to plant the beacon. Once that is done, activate the beacon and head back inside the control room.

That is how you plant the SOS Beacon in Dead Space Remake. For more guides on Dead Space, check out our other articles like How To Get Ripper In Dead Space Remake and Where To Find The Peng Trophy In Dead Space Remake.