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Dead Island 2 Xbox One & PS4 Versions Reportedly Canceled

According to recent reports, Deep Silver may have canceled the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Dead Island 2. A current job advertisement from Dambuster Studios is used as a supposedly decisive indication.

In the past, the zombie title Dead Island 2 made a name for itself mainly because of its bumpy development. The title was not only postponed several times. In addition, the responsible development team was also changed several times.


Dead Island 2 is now being created by the Homefront: The Revolution makers at Dambuster Studios, who are currently looking for a senior producer and are creating new speculations with the corresponding job advertisement.

This could indicate that Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios decided to drop the hardware of the old console generation and no longer publish the survival action title for the PS4 or Xbox One. So we are only talking about the PC and the new generation of consoles.

“You will be working on an established AAA title for Next Gen Consoles and PC platforms owning the planning and delivery of features and roadmaps, seeking to maximize quality within the required constraints. As a Senior, you will be expected to provide ad-hoc mentorship to more Junior members of the Production Team as and when required,” the job ad said.


An official confirmation of the end of Dead Island 2 for the Xbox One and the PS4 is still pending.