How To Rotate Items In DayZ To Get More Space

Find out the easy way to rotate items in DayZ and also get to know how to get more inventory space/capacity.

DayZ is a survival game where a deadly virus has wreaked havoc in the world. To survive in this world, you have to manage the items you have in your inventory. Knowing how to rotate items in DayZ to make space to more of them is crucial which is exactly what we will show you in this guide.

DayZ: How To Rotate Items in Inventory

To rotate items in DayZ, you have to press Space Bar while you are clicking and holding your item with the left mouse button to move it. That’s pretty much it. This will help you fit more items in your inventory slots and you can manage your loot better.

DayZ How To Rotate Items in Inventory
image credit: Scalespeeder Gaming

To access your character’s inventory, press the TAB button on your keyboard. Depending on the type of your clothing (the more pockets, better) and if you have backpack or not, the number of your inventory slots will differ. So, make sure to equip a backpack to expand your inventory capacity to store your items/supplies. Moreover, there are different types of backpacks you can get which have a ranged of 8 to 40 slots. So you can use those to get extra slots.

From the inventory tab, players are also able to see the items that are present on the ground near them (in their vicinity). You can pick them up and use them for crafting as well. That’s not all, you can also assign to the hotbar any particular items that you want to quickly use when you need them from the inventory.

The types of loot that you can get in DayZ can be Equipment, Resources, Food & Drink and Weapons. You will need Water, Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Light sources, Clothing, Repair Kits, etc.

Apart from resource management, you will also have to do a lot of hunting, building, crafting and health preservation. If you die, you will lose everything because there are no checkpoints or saves, just like real life. With all this in mind, you need to stay alive no matter what.

So, that’s all about how to rotate items in DayZ. If you are curious to know more Zombie Survival games that you can check out, we’ve got a list for you.