The Best Upcoming Zombie Games Of 2021

Wish to check out The Best Upcoming Zombie Games Of 2021? Make sure to do not miss out on any one of them

The upcoming zombie games of 2021, will not only give you chills and thrills but as new technology and a new generation of consoles are emerging they’re getting more hauntingly difficult to ignore. Long gone are the days where your only worry was how to survive, now get ready for a completely new breed of zombies that are ready to give you nightmares in 2021. This year’s zombie-based games are some of the best and most ruthless games you’ll ever play.

Here Are The Best Upcoming Zombie Games Of 2021

Resident Evil: Village

Whenever horror genre or just zombies are mentioned you cannot leave out the Resident Evil series and it looks like Resident Evil: Village will pull out all the stops from giving you the fright of your life. While the demo of the game was enough to put us in deep thought for more than a week, seeing the details in vile and horrible things made our stomachs turn.

Resident Evil: Village is a continuation of RE7 and this time around we get to see the story unfold via Ethan who seeks out a mysterious village for answers. Each step of the way is surely going to fill us up with more questions and answers and we cannot wait to see what this franchise has in store for us. This is going to be one of the best upcoming zombie games of 2021.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood seems more like a spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series than anything else and going just by the accomplishment of its inspiration, we cannot imagine this game being anything less than an instant hit. Once again you get to team up with random civilians who are put in a spot to save their lives against monsters you’ve never seen before.

This co-op zombie slaying is aiming to fill the gaps that were left behind by the developers of Left 4 Dead and create a new identity for itself. Step into the shoes of unconventional heroes once again and take on monsters with increasingly difficult puzzle-solving mechanics and team-based tactics.

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A Way To Be Dead

This game takes things right at the dangerous end, as you’re trapped inside a zombie-infested hospital with a deranged doctor out on the loose to get you. If this wasn’t scary enough for you, danger lurks at every corner and you along with the other three survivors must navigate a way out of this unholy mess.

The deeper you progress in the game, the more madness ensues and the game is surely going to leave a permanent image imprinted on your mind. Learn about the depths of insanity and undead creatures in this team-based survival adventure in A Way To Be Dead. This is going to be one of the best upcoming zombie games of 2021.

Dying Light 2

While zombie games have often placed the protagonist without much help feeling trapped, Dying Light 2 takes things differently and will offer you a map four times bigger than its prequel. Set in Europe, you must uncover secrets and traverse through all the seven different regions with each having its own unique landmarks and locations.

Each faction and settlement has a different perspective and while survival is key, there’s a lot more at stake since everything in the works is slowly either decaying or has almost run out. Dying Light 2 will bring back the infamous parkour mechanics that will give you a different mode of attack and escape. We sure as hell cannot wait for Dying Light 2 and see what new it has to offer to us.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

A 3-player tactical co-op FPS that will have you team up against zombies and everything in between. Use your superior firepower and intellect to complete missions. While the entire premise of the game is yet to be known, we all saw a hint of this possible game when the Outbreak event was launched in Rainbow Six Siege.

It is yet unknown how the story will unfold but considering the realistic shooting mechanics of Rainbox Six mixed with the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse with added drama and the world at stake, we think that this is a great recipe for success.


The story is Undying is heartbreaking right from the start as you will have to teach your infant son, about taking care of himself in an unforgiving zombie-filled apocalyptic world while being infected yourself. Time is running out and you only have a few days before turning yourself.

The story of Anling, will not only touch your hearts but will give you a different perspective about how one can ensure the blossoming of young life while you’re losing out on your own. Undying is one upcoming zombie game that we cannot wait to check out for ourselves when it comes out.

The Day Before

The Day Before looks a lot like a marriage of The Walking Dead and The Division, in this game you will have to fight for every meal and build up resources for those who have survived the zombie infection. This MMO looks like it is set to become the next best thing as the game is vast and has tons of locations.

The trailer shows just a brief glimpse into how you will need to fight off other survivors just to ensure yours and how interactive the world the game set in is. From vehicles to weapons, and everything in between, The Day Before is surely going to be talked about for a long time.

Dead Island 2

While Dead Island 2 hasn’t had any concrete update ever since it was announced, it finally found a developer willing to put the time and effort into it. The prequel got everyone talking and ever since people have been asking for a sequel.

Dead Island 2 will take you throughout all the hotspots of California and will introduce new combat mechanics giving players even more mobility and things to do. Players are going to get introduced to a new crafting method and so much more that it will actually feel like a brand new series instead of a long-awaited sequel. Only time will tell when and how Dead Island 2 will be released.

After The Fall

Zombies? Check, Guns? Check, VR? Check. After The Fall looks like you will be trapped in a snowclad horror showcase before you make your way out. This game will bring all sorts of undead monsters for you to battle and with the help of immersion, it just might make it come of the best VR FPS game ever made.

You are going to be in the hot seat and your decisions are going to matter, how you change your course of action along the story is certainly going to be one of the key things that After The Fall is going to focus on. While we cannot say how good or bad the experience of having a zombie chomp on us is going to be in VR, it certainly is going to be a sight to behold.

Evil Dead: The Game

Zombies and pop culture go hand in hand and this is exactly what Evil Dead: The Game, is trying to do. Characters from film and TV and play as them to save yourself and others, and the best thing of all is that you will have access to Ash’s handy chainsaw to take your enemies down with.

Evil Dead has a committed player base that is loyal and enthusiastic about what’s going to come next to the series and us being zombie fans in general cannot wait to see Ash back in action, but this time with Kelly Maxwell.

These are the best upcoming zombie-based games that are sure to bring the horror genre to life in 2021, make sure to keep checking out Best Games Of 2021 That You Should Not Miss Out On right here on Gamer Tweak for more.