Fix Dayz Bios Error On Xbox, PS4, PC

Here’s everything you need to know to fix Dayz Bios Error on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

Post-Zombie apocalyptic survival games like Dayz, being multiplayer, are highly dependent on the server. And so, most of the errors are server-related or connection problems. Recently a lot of players have encountered Bios errors with codes like 0×000500017, 0×00050009, etc., preventing them from entering the game. This can be quite frustrating for a player to know their assets in the game are vulnerable.

The most affected players are the ones using consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. That being said, if you are facing the same issue, follow along this guide to fix this Dayz Bios Error on your device.

How to Fix Bios Error in Dayz

Fix Dayz Bios Error

The Dayz Bios errors as mentioned earlier are mostly related to server and internet. Hence, these errors can be fixed with simple troubleshooting methods if the issue is from the player’s end. Below are some of the working fixes that you can try one by one to resolve the error.

Check Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is stable with decent speed. Low and interrupted internet connection can result in such bios errors to be encountered. You can try to reset your router and switch to a wired connection if connected to Wi-Fi or vice versa. This will eliminate any internet-related issues.

Restart the Console/PC

While this might look like a simple fix, it is really effective, as many Reddit users were able to fix the Dayz Bios error by just restarting their Console and PC. Restarting the device and relaunching the game refreshes its connection with the server. This fixes minor glitches and bugs that could be the reason behind this error.

If you are on the console, power cycle the console and check if the error is fixed.

  • Press and hold the power button of your console for a few seconds until the power indicating light is off.
  • Next, remove the power plug and wait for 1 minute.
  • Power plug back in and restart your console.
  • Now launch the game and check if the error is fixed.

Check Dayz Server Status

Most of the Bios errors on Dayz are related to the server itself and its connection with it. Occasional issues are expected due to maintenance and outage of the server. These factors often lead to these Bios Error 0×000500017, 0×00050009.

Also, often there are some regions where the servers could be active and running while temporarily closed for the rest. You can check the Dayz Server status to confirm the possibilities. In such a case, you will have to wait for the time until developers fix the issue from their end.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix Dayz Bios Error on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If you find this guide helpful, check out here about other Dayz error fixes on Gamer Tweak.