Bend Studio Senior Animator Explains Why Upgrading Bike Is Important In Days Gone

Your Ride Is Your Only Best Friend On The Road

Days Gone put you in the shoes of an outlaw who rides a bike in the post-apocalyptic world of freakers infected with some mysterious virus. The game is massive, filled with challenges, threats and all that you can’t expect. One big update we got from an interview on why a Bike in Days Gone is not just another ride. It is an out-most important element of the character and why its upgrade matters for every player.

Emmanuel Roth, Senior Animator at Bend Studio shares in an interview that players can upgrade the Bike engine and fuel tank. This adds more agility to the vehicle and increases travel time. Smaller tank will force players to hunt down fuel in uncharted terrifies, so upgrading the bikes by finding the right parts for engine and fuel tank should be on the top of the list.

Players will control Deacon St. John who loves this bike, and so the animator adds a touch of customization. Players can make the bike look the way they want, it’s about colors, stickers, etc. Customization is always a core aspect of many games that let players carry on their choices and get more attached to the gameplay.

Days Gone is filled with miniature yet significant details this makes the IP an enticing result for gamers. The game is coming exclusively on PS4 on April 26, 2019.

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