Days Gone Post Credit Cutscene Reveals New DLC Enemy – SPOILER ALERT

There is something coming and no one can stop it

[SPOILER ALERT] Days Gone post-credit cutscene has some secrets that you might not want to know if you had not played the game yet. But if you are unable to control your curiosity then continue reading or else we warn you not to move further because we will reveal a lot about the game. Without revealing a bit from the main story, and some character it is hard to explain what we will see in the DLC.

If you had seen the beginning of Days Gone you will see injured Sara is taken into a helicopter by a research guy who is wearing a Hazmat suit, his name is O’Brian. This guy has a major role in the story and in the end, he reveals something shocking you cannot imagine.

Once again – SPOILER ALERT.

Now begins the real story, after completing the game in the once the post credit is over you will see a few cutscenes of different characters you met, O’Brian. is one of them. He calls Deacon to share something and he explains that Freakers the zombies are no longer dumb. They are involving, there are superiors who are controlling everything and they want to do things in secret.

O’Brian pulls his helmet and shoes his face for the first time in the entire gameplay, he himself is a Freaker, but he is evolved to be like a human, far more superior in strength and agility. Deacon is shocked to see O’Brian whom he thought was a human, some guy who from research facility doing his work. But it looks O’Brian is making more his kind, he could be the first evolved freaker incoming DLC we might see something like him.

We are not adding any video, because Days Gone is amazing and we don’t want to spoil your experience.

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