Days Gone Confirmed To Run at 60 FPS with Dynamic 4K on PS5

The open-world action game Days Gone is getting some technical improvements on the PS5. Bend Studio has also announced some details about the improvements.

A few days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment and the responsible developers at Bend Studio released an extensive update for the open-world action game Days Gone, with which the PlayStation 4 exclusive title was also prepared for the PS5. Now the developers have also revealed some details about the improvements that players can expect on the new console if they want to play the title via backward compatibility.

According to this, Deacon St. John’s journey through the Pacific Northwest of the USA will run on the PlayStation 5 in dynamic 4K resolution with up to 60FPS. In addition, you will have the opportunity to transfer your saved game from the PlayStation 4 and continue playing on PS5. So you don’t have to start the adventure all over again, even if you have the choice, of course.

In Days Gone you slip into the role of a drifter and bounty hunter who is one of the last people after a global pandemic threw the world into chaos. The so-called Freakers, degenerated human monsters, drift through the country and go on the hunt for the last survivors. Deacon St. John tries to find happiness on the ruined streets.

Days Gone was originally released in April 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and received mixed reviews, as the adventure was, among other things, technically uneven. Although improvements had been made in the meantime, the title never ran completely smoothly to this day. To what extent this changes on the PlayStation 5 will be found out shortly.