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Days Gone 2 Petition Gets Over 50,000 Signatures, Director Responds

To get Sony Interactive Entertainment to give Days Gone 2 the green light, recently a fan launched a petition. This not only reached the next milestone, but in addition, Jeff Ross, the game director of the first Days Gone adventure, became aware of the petition.

In the past few days, it was leaked that the developers at Sony Bend apparently approached Sony Interactive Entertainment with a pitch for Days Gone 2. Since those responsible are said to have rejected this venture, a fan decided a few days ago to launch a petition to persuade Sony Interactive Entertainment to give in.


The Days Gone 2 petition now has more than 50,000 signatures and was also noted by Jeff Ross, the game director responsible who worked for the original Days Gone title.

He used the opportunity to express his thanks for the support of the players and fans in a short statement: “Thanks to everyone for getting the Days Gone petition to 50,000! No matter where this thing ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and members of the team. Days Gone fans are the best fans!”


Of course, it remains to be seen whether a petition will be enough to induce Sony Interactive Entertainment to rethink its approach. Above all, the fact that the first game had to struggle with bugs and technical problems at launch, which in turn led to devaluations, could thwart the fans’ wishes for a successor.

As Ross announced a few days ago, those responsible at Sony Interactive Entertainment attach great importance to a sufficiently high Metacritic value. And this is exactly where Days Gone with a Metacritic average of 71 could be missing the most important argument for a possible successor.