Diablo 4 Day One Patch Confirmed By Developers? (Answered)

Is there a Day 1 Patch incoming in Diablo 4? Here's our guide on it.

After the Diablo 4 Server Slam, players have been expecting a day one patch and it seems like the developers have confirmed it. However, the patch might not be as huge as you think. Looks like the changes on day one will be very few or close to negligible according to the tweet from Joseph Piepiora. Although he mentioned that there will be changes from the Server Slam build, he was quick to correct his tweet mentioning that the changes will be very few.

Will there be a Day One Patch for Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Day 1 Patch Explained

At the time of writing, it is hard to say yes or no. As you can see in the tweet from Joseph Piepiora, there will be a few changes since Server Slam. However, that neither confirms nor denies a day one patch for Diablo 4. Issues like visual rubber-banding and Wizard teleportation could be seen during Server Slam so it is quite obvious that the developers would think about fixing them. With the Early Access of Diablo 4 quite close, we might get an idea of how things stand after the launch.

The tweet below all but confirms that there will be a few changes but whether it is in a form of a Day 1 Patch or something else is a matter for when the game is out.

Day One Patch is quite common in the gaming industry and it won’t be surprising if Blizzard decides to add a patch. Even after the Server Slam, it seems that there will still be certain bugs and errors that needed fixing since Blizzard would want to provide a proper gaming experience. The reviews of Diablo IV have been exceptionally positive so it won’t really be a bad thing if Blizzard adds a few last-minute changes and tweaks.

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