Darktide Leaked Cosmetics: What’s The Controversy Surrounding It?

Want to know the controversy around the leaked cosmetics in Darktide? Read on to find out.

It’s been a month since Warhammer 40K: Darktide released. It would definitely be safe to say that Fatshark has received mixed reviews for its latest release. The game was expected to pack a punch but has failed to impress the majority of people. Instead, it has managed to cause an uproar among its fans. One of the latest boiling issues is the leaked cosmetics in Darktide. Here’s everything you need to know about the controversy surrounding it.

Why are Fans Furious with Darktide Leaked Cosmetics

Darktide Leaked Cosmetics

Fans have dealt with several problems since the game was released. Be it the numerous error codes in Darktide or server breakdowns. But nothing quite infuriated them like the recently leaked cosmetics. It had well and truly reached the boiling point.

It first popped up on the Fatshark forums. The leaked image showed a bunch of skins for every class in Darktide. Moreover, it was revealed that none of these items can be earned through the game. They have to be purchased from the in-game cash shop. The problem here is that fans feel hard done by. They feel cheated as Fatshark has made it evident over the weeks that their focus is on selling cosmetics rather than the game itself. The game stability is poor, and many users repeatedly face the same errors.

Fatshark’s nonchalant attitude towards improving the fundamental aspects of the game has not gone down well with players. Some users have even complained that the game feels F2P, even though it’s not. The hefty price of the game doesn’t justify the efforts that Fatshark is putting in keeping the game a seamless experience for all.

What’s Next for WH40K: Darktide?

Warhammer 40K: Darktide could just be another tragic story of a game with high potential going down the drain. A Reddit user, bargle0, summarized the whole problem while referring to a similar game – Deep Rock Galactic – with this comment:

Darktide can still be salvaged but only if its developers act fast. Right now, it feels that the complaints from fans are falling on deaf ears. Only time will tell what lies in store for this first-person co-op shooter.

That’s everything summed up in the controversy surrounding the leaked cosmetics in Darktide. For all things related to the game, check out our WH40K Darktide page right here.