Darkfire Heroes Best Hero Tier List (2024)

If you are looking for a tier list that features the best heroes from Darkfire Heroes, look no further.

Our Darkfire Heroes Tier List features a compilation of the best heroes in the game. The heroes have been ranked from tiers S to C. Here, tier S features the best heroes, and C features the worst and least favorable.

Darkfire Heroes Tier List

darkfire heroes tier list

S Tier List in Darkfire Heroes

The S Tier features all of the best heroes in Darkfire. These are the characters that you should use in the game to get the best gameplay experience. The heroes in this list have the best stats, so we highly recommend you use them.

S Daer
S Mala
S Riena
S Aul
S Klexandr
S Lyc

A Tier

The A Tier features heroes that are very good, but maybe not good enough to make their way to the S Tier. Make no mistake, these heroes have amazing statistics and are really quite powerful. They form great alternatives to the characters in the S Tier.

A Dagmyr
A Kataryn
A Sephine
A Zasha
A Raem
A Josse
A Lorenzo
A Adaline
A Methus
A Lyang

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B Tier

This tier features some of the more average heroes of Darkfire. These characters do not have the best statistics, nor are they powerful enough to give the S & A tier heroes a run for their money. We would recommend you use these characters only when you have no other options.

B Carmyn
B Jargen
B Asachi
B Bezar
B Elen
B Linx
B Lirs
B Zao
B Marthe
B Year
B Montez
B Ylga
B Elsi
B Korl
B Fena
B Mingzu
B Raebert
B Niena
B Salva
B Makash
B Jabare

C Tier

The C tier is the final division in this Darkfire Heroes tier list. It features the worst characters in the game. These are characters that are nowhere near as powerful or good as any of the others on this list. Because of their below-average stats, we would not recommend you to use any of them unless you have no other option at all.

C Cruzo
C Bjor
C Zan
C Raol
C Herlin
C Ehiro
C Aleon
C Qeijie
C Tonio
C Varnar
C Tomoni
C Ualth
C Gromun
C Ivon
C Eremy
C Otho
C Vargr
C Leovani
C Hagin
C Manoel
C Khaare

These were the best heroes in Darkfire. We hope you can use this tier list to ensure you only pick the best characters in the game the next time you play it.

Now that you know all of the best characters in Darkfire Heroes, check out our tier lists for your favorite games.