Darkest Dungeon 2: How To Use Combat Items

By Om
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The introduction of new in-game mechanics like Combat Items is what makes Darkest Dungeon 2 a noteworthy sequel to its original installment. Now players can equip these in addition to the built-in abilities of their heroes in the damned world. You can get them in different ways, such as from the merchants in the inn or by running over things in the stagecoach during a run, etc. This guide will help you use Combat Items to your advantage in the game.

How to Use Combat Items in Darkest Dungeon 2

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Combat Items can only be used in an active fight during a run.

  • To use the Combat Items in-game you will have to wait for the turn of your character.
  • Once it lands on the character you have assigned the Combat Item to, an option will appear in the right-hand corner of the skills.
  • You can then simply use the Item by selecting the option anytime.

It is worth noting that in Darkest Dungeon 2 Combat Items are regarded as Free Actions. Free Actions let you use Combat Items without losing a turn for your character’s particular skills. Hence you can still play your character skills even after using a Combat Item.

How to Equip Combat Items

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You can equip Combat Items by accessing the Combat Skills menu in the game.

  • You can access it by selecting the dagger in the top left corner of the menu.
  • Once done, you can then right-click on the hero you want to equip the item to.
  • There would be an empty slot marked by a plus sign in the Combat Skills menu.
  • Simultaneously you can open the inventory and select the sword and shield option.
  • Once done, it will show you the Combat Items that you have acquired.
  • After which you can simply right-click on the hero you want the item to be assigned and drag and drop the Combat Item in the empty slot.

Some Combat Items in the game are available for stacking. You can stack them and use them accordingly for multiple uses. The amount of times you can stack a Combat Item solely depends upon the item.

That is everything on how to use Combat Items in Darkest Dungeon 2. If you want to unlock characters or want to have the best team comp in the game we have got you covered.