How To Get The Dark Spiritual Orb In All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

Find out how to get this mystical dark orb to get the Air Hit upgrade.

All Star Tower Defense is an anime-based eponymous Roblox game that involves using various power-ups and items featured across numerous different Anime and Manga series. The players can get access to different anime-inspired abilities or buffs with the help of Orbs that you can obtain by completing different Raids, Challenges and Trials. You can even buy Orbs from the Orb Shop for Gems. One of the most powerful and elusive Orbs in the game is Dark Spiritual Orb. This Orb gives players the ability to slow down enemies and deal damage to air units in the final upgrade. So in this guide we will break down how you can get the Dark Spiritual Orb in All Star Tower Defense.

How to Get The Dark Spiritual Orb in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

In order to get the Dark Spiritual Orb, you need to first complete the Challenge 3, or more popularly known as the Bleach Challenge. This is because the enemy units and bosses are based on the Bleach Anime and Manga series. Now an important thing to remember is that you need to be Level 100 in the game to be able to access and complete Challenge 3.

All Star Tower Defense How To Get Dark Spiritual Orb

Now, Challenge 3 is the final challenge in Roblox ATSD, so naturally, it is no easy feat. The Challenge has a total of 16 rounds, unlike the traditional 15 round matches. It also involves enemies with special abilities and attack patterns called the Elementals. These hostiles are tricky as they can only be defeated with a particular set of manual abilities and specific types of unit. The mobs also have great endurance and a bigger health bar relative to the previous challenges.
When the final round, or Wave 16, of the Challenge begins the final boss of the game will spawn. Now, when this Boss spawns, all the characters on the arena that are not inspired from the Bleach anime will have 60 seconds of stun effect. They will also have no mobility during that time. This is true for all characters except Souma, Whis, Susano-o and Lance Mech. After the Boss has spawned, you will need to act quickly and defeat it as soon as possible as it will attack the base for 55 damage every half a minute.

Once the Final Challenge is completed, you will get the Dark Spiritual Orb which you can then upgrade your Ikki (Dark) Ichigo unit with in All Star Tower Defense. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this Tier List of all the characters in this game.