Dark Souls 3 Mod Adds Assault Rifles In the Game

All ranged weapons in the game have been exchanged for weapons, causing Dark Souls 3 to merge with Call of Duty, forming a mix called Modern Firearm.

While FromSoftware continues to slowly anticipate fans of the Souls series with the Demon’s Souls remake for PS5, the studio gained much recognition with its spiritual successor, Dark Souls. The game has even created a genre of its own and many compare their games when something has extreme difficulty; Although no one would expect weapons in this game.

This mod, called Modern Firearm, has been created with the sole purpose of replacing the Dark Souls 3’s ranged weapons, such as the crossbow, with automatic and semi-automatic weapons. For example, some of them are AK-47 and MP5, but it is not only the aspect, as they also have animations and audio. According to its creator, “It is not a balanced mod, and is just made for fun.”

There are seven weapons in total that replace ranged weapons in the game and the creator claims that they can be used freely as long as his idea is recognized. The idea of ​​using modern weapons in a fantasy world like Dark Souls is not very new, but something like this is always welcome to see what can get out of the theme of the game.

Firearms aren’t used much in the Souls games from the original FromSoftware trilogy, but they are – and play a prominent role – in Bloodborne. If you remember correctly, the possibility of the Bloodborne game coming to PC has been rumored for several months, although many expect a sequel coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

You can see all the content of the mod available at this link, as well as check for yourself how good the game is with a little bit of a totally different environment than we are used to seeing.