How To Get Daily Check-In Rewards In Honkai Star Rail

Want to get free Stellar Jades and other rewards? Then check out how to claim daily rewards from the Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-In.

Honkai Star Rail much like Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3rd is a gacha game. As such whatever freebies you can get you should grab them. Be it Stellar Jade which you can use to pull characters or just some upgrade materials or other items. The best part is the game gives quite a handful of it via their Daily Check-in feature. So below you can find all the information on how to get them, the rewards list, and how you can make up if you missed some.

How to Claim Daily Check-In Rewards in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Daily Check In Rewards List
Image Credits: Honkai: Star Rail
  1. Go to the HSR Daily Check-in page.
  2. Click on the reward that you should get for that day. In case you haven’t logged in, then you have to log in to your HoYoverse account to continue.
  3. After you claim the reward from this page, open Honkai Star Rail on the platform you play on.
  4. Check your mailbox and claim it from there.

Your in-game mail will hold onto them for only 7 days so make sure you login daily to get them. They change at 00:00 AM (UTC+8) so you will have to get it before it changes. Your rewards don’t carry over to the next month rather it gets all reset on the first day on the new month.

HSR Daily Login Rewards List

  • Day 1: Adventure Logs x2
  • Day 2: Condensed Aether x1
  • Day 3: 5K Credits
  • Day 4: Bottled Soda x1
  • Day 5: Stellar Jade x20
  • Day 6: Adventure Logs x2
  • Day 7: Condensed Aether x1
  • Day 8: Lost Gold Fragment x1
  • Day 9: 5K Credits
  • Day 10: Adventure Logs x3
  • Day 11: Lost Gold Fragments x2
  • Day 12: Condensed Aether x2
  • Day 13: Stellar Jade x2
  • Day 14: 5K Credits
  • Day 15: Energy Drink x1
  • Day 16: Adventure Logs x3
  • Day 17: Condensed Aether x3
  • Day 18: Lost Gold Fragments x2
  • Day 19: 8K Credits
  • Day 20: Stellar Jade x20
  • Day 21: Adventure Logs x3
  • Day 22: Condensed Aether x2
  • Day 23: Lost Gold Fragments x2
  • Day 24: 8K Credits
  • Day 25: Disposable Kinetic Arm x1
  • Day 26: Refined Aether x2
  • Day 27: Lost Crystals x2
  • Day 28: Traveler’s Guides x3
  • Day 29: 5K Credits
  • Day 30: 5K Credits
  • Day 31: 5K Credits

As mentioned before, the above rewards reset at the start of every month. However, if you are completely new to the game then for your first three logins you will also get:

  • 1st Check-In Rewards: Stellar Jade x40
  • 2nd Check-In Rewards: Stellar Jade x30
  • 3rd Check-In Rewards: Stellar Jade x30

How to Get Missed Check-in Rewards?

Don’t worry if you happen to miss a day or two. You just have to complete daily missions for it. Every month you can miss out on a maximum of 3 rewards. As soon as you complete the missions, the game will automatically make up for your missed check-in. Sadly, you don’t get to choose which missed reward you want to apply it to. This is because the game applies it to the first ever day you missed.

That’s all the Daily login rewards list for HSR, how to get them and make up for the missed rewards. Be sure to also check our Honkai Star Rail section for more on this game.