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Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-In: How To Get Free Daily Rewards

Want to get free Stellar Jades and other rewards? Then check out how to claim daily rewards from the Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-In.

You can never say no to freebies in games. Especially, in Honkai Star Rail. A daily check-in feature in the game allows you to receive free Stellar Jades and other reward items. Players who have played Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd will be familiar with the process. But newcomers who have never played games from HoYoverse before will struggle to know how it works. This guide will show you how to claim rewards in Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-In.

Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-In: How To Claim Rewards


We will show you how to get free daily rewards in Honkai Star Rail easily with these steps:

  1. First, visit HoYoLAB’s Daily Check-In page and log in with your HoYoverse account.
  2. Now, select your reward and launch Honkai Star Rail on your respective device.
  3. Then, head to your in-game mailbox.
  4. Finally, select the “Claim” option to get your reward of the day.

That’s all it takes to get your Daily Login rewards from HoYoLAB. Logging in daily is one of the best ways to get Stellar Jade and other free items. If you want to know what other daily rewards you can get, then keep reading.

All Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-In Rewards (May 2023)

Here are all the Honkai Star Rail daily login rewards for this month:

  • First check-in: 40x Stellar Jade
  • Second check-in: 30x Stellar Jade
  • Third check-in: 30x Stellar Jade
  • Day 1 – 2x Adventure Logs
  • Day 2 – 1x Condensed Aether
  • Day 3 – 5k Credits
  • Day 4 – 1x Bottled Soda
  • Day 5 – 20x Stellar Jade
  • Day 6 – 2x Adventure Logs
  • Day 7 – 1x Condensed Aether
  • Day 8 – 1x Lost Gold Fragment
  • Day 9 – 5k Credits
  • Day 10 – 3x Adventure Logs
  • Day 11 – 2x Lost Gold Fragments
  • Day 12 – 2x Condensed Aether
  • Day 13 – 20x Stellar Jade
  • Day 14 – 5k Credits
  • Day 15 – 1x Energy Drink
  • Day 16 – 3x Adventure Logs
  • Day 17 – 2x Condensed Aether
  • Day 18 – 2x Lost Gold Fragments
  • Day 19 – 8k Credits
  • Day 20 – 20x Stellar Jade
  • Day 21 – 3x Adventure Logs
  • Day 22 – 2x Condensed Aether
  • Day 23 – 2x Lost Gold Fragments
  • Day 24 – 8k Credits
  • Day 25 – 1x Disposable Kinetic Arm
  • Day 26 – 2x Refined Aether
  • Day 27 – 2x Lost Crystals
  • Day 28 – 3x Traveler’s Guides
  • Day 29 – 5k Credits
  • Day 30 – 5k Credits

That’s everything covered on the Daily Check-In rewards in Honkai Star Rail. We hope you have learned how to redeem the daily items. For more on the game, head to our Star Rail section on Gamer Tweak.