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Tower Of Fantasy Dailies: List Of Things To Do Every Day

Here is what you should do daily in ToF.

Having a Dailies list for Tower of Fantasy is a must if you are a new player. Dailies are nothing but a list of things you should do every day. So even if you don’t have the time to progress the main mission. Doing these tasks daily will help you overall, especially in the long run. So without further ado let us check the dailies list for Tower of Fantasy (ToF).

Tower of Fantasy Dailies list

tower of fantasy things to do every day dailies list

The 4 most important dailies that you should do in ToF are as follows:

  • Claiming Daily Sign in
  • Daily Bounty
  • Vitality Missions
  • Collect Hopkin’s daily gift

Here is why you should do them every day.

Claiming Daily Sign in

Starting with the easiest and the fastest thing to do in this list. Simply log in to the game daily and claim whatever reward is available. The rewards get better each day so it is all the more worth claiming them. And even if you don’t get the chance to do any of the other things listed below. This is one thing you absolutely should do.

Daily Bounty

Daily bounty is nothing but a series of 4 mini-missions. These are easy to do as they require you to do tasks like collect some materials, defeat a few monsters, and more. And when you complete them you get rewards like upgrade materials. Hence these are also some of the things you should do daily in ToF.

Vitality Missions

Just like Original Resin in Genshin Impact, Vitality is a type of resource you can spend on certain missions. And similar to Original Resin Vitality too regenerates 1 unit every 8 minutes. Since the energy is time limited and the rewards are better Vitality missions are definitely something that you should do daily in ToF. Below are all the Vitality missions that you can do and their rewards.

  • Joint Operation
    • Rewards: Matrices and Gears
  • Dimensional Trials
    • Rewards: Matrix & Weapon upgrade materials
  • Omnium Beacon
    • Rewards: Matrix & Weapon upgrade materials
  • Interstellar Exploration
    • Rewards: Weapon upgrade materials
  • Spacetime Domain
    • Rewards: Vitality & Coins

Collect Hopkin’s daily gift

There is an NPC near the north border of Banges by the name Hopkin. You should go and talk to him. He offers you two gifts to choose from every day.

While there are many other things you can do daily like crew donations, visiting Mia, collecting vehicle upgrade materials, and more. The above four tasks are the ones that should take the least time to complete. You should also be able to do them in a single session of playing.

That covers this dailies list of things to do every day in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). Since you like playing this game also check our other guides on the best gifts for King, and how to get Colossus Arms.