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Tower Of Fantasy: Best Abilities & Gifts For King

Here are the best gifts you can give to King in ToF and his abilities.

In Tower of Fantasy, King is an SSR character that you can get, so many people want to know his abilities and the best gifts for him. He is an excellent DPS character that can do some of the highest damage in the game. You should especially add him to your team if you need a shield breaker. So without further ado let us learn about King and how to get him in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Best Abilities for King

how to get king in tower of fantasy tof

Out of all 9 of King’s abilities, these 4 are the best.

  • Asunder: This is an attack that King does while falling. You can deal damage of 12.5% of Attack + 1 for every hit. When King lands he deals 71.9% of Attack + 4 and delivers a knockdown to the opponent.
    • But the best part of this ability is the higher you fall from the more damage you can deal. So the maximum damage you can do with King can be up to 600%.
  • Sneak Attack: This is another one of the moves that can do a lot of damage to the enemy. When you sneak up on an enemy from behind and use the normal attack. It will do 570% damage of attack + 30.
  • Mortal Coil: King swings his scythe dealing damage to the enemies that does 499.9% of Attack + 26. This ability has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
  • Flaming Scythe: When Phantasia is triggered or if the weapon charge is full. It removes all the debuffs from King. It also creates a flame scythe when switching weapons that can deal damage equal to 398.3% of Attack + 21. This effect lasts for 10 seconds.
    • This ability also spawns Flaming Scythes Domain every 2 seconds. It causes volcanic eruptions from the ground that deals damage equal to 66% of Attack + 3 to the enemies.

Best Gifts for King

King likes rare, limited, or saved items. So if you are looking to build your friendship with him, gift him these items:

  • Crown Token: Purple Gift to increase friendship by 80 Points
  • Warren Fossil: Purple Gift to increase friendship by 80 Points

How to Get King in Tower of Fantasy

King is a character that is present in all of the banners at the time of writing this article. So in order to get him, you will have to make special orders. You can do these pulls using Gold or Black Nuclei. Alternatively, you can also use Red Nucleus to try to get him from the Rebirth of Clemency banner. Lastly, you can also get him from an SSR Selector box.

That covers this guide on the best Abilities and Gifts for King in Tower of Fantasy (ToF), and how to get him. If you found this guide helpful and need more help on other such topics check out our Tower of Fantasy guides.