Cyberpunk 2077 Hotfix 1.11 Solves Game-Breaking Bug Caused by Latest 1.10 Patch

After discovering a serious and unexpected bug that would have irreversibly corrupted your Cyberpunk 2077 save file, the guys at CD Projekt Red worked to fix this error as soon as possible, creating a hotfix that would have fixed this serious bug incorrectly introduced with the release of patch 1.1.

More precisely, this bug was present in the “Down on the Street” mission, where due to an error in the script a dialogue with Takemura would no longer be started, blocking his quest forever and closing the player in an infinite loop from which he could only get outstarting your game from scratch.

This bug was promptly reported through thousands of web players of Cyberpunk 2077 after installing patch 1.10, who have pointed out this huge slip by CD Projekt Red, who immediately apologized to their fans and the team of developers suddenly got to work to try to fix this bug that had already destroyed hundreds of saves.

Fortunately, the studio managed to get away with it and in a few days the programmers were able to create a hotfix that would permanently fix this bug. Already in recent days, however, the Polish development house has tried to help players by releasing a guide that would have helped to bypass this problem, trying to load a manual save of Cyberpunk 2077 prior to the entry of V and Takemura from Okadat’s office.

Note that Takemura must finish his dialogue line before leaving the office. later it was enough to continue the game time by 23 hours thanks to the option on the game menu. In this way, the phone call with Takemura would have happened anyway and his plot would have continued.

We remind you, however, that fortunately CDPR has solved the problem, and starting today it will be possible to download this hotfix on your save file and continue the game with confidence.