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Cyberpunk 2077 Life During Wartime Mission: Objectives, Choices, Endings & More

Here's everything you need to know about Life During Wartime main mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

Life During Wartime is a main story mission that players are finding it hard to complete in Cyberpunk 2077. Making your work easier, we have created a guide covering all of the objectives, diallogues, choices and enedings of Life During Wartime mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

The only reason why players are struggling to complete Life During Wartime main mission is the game does not reveal any useful information abuout the mission. For the unversed, it comes shortly after Main mission called Lightning Breaks.

Cyberpunk 2077 Life During Wartime Walkthrough

As soon as AV was shot down, Panam and V will embark on a journey (crash site) to stop Mitch and Scorpian from getting killed.

Take out the drones

Life During Wartime Walkthrough

When you are on your way to the crash site, a bunch of droones will appear, making all possible efforts to slow you down. Panam will instruct you to connect to the turret and shoot all of the drones down. The turret will be jammed while shooting the drones.

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Now, you need to set the vehilce on aut-pilot mode. After doing so, Panam will go on the roof to fix the turret error.

Life During Wartime Walkthrough

While fixing the turret, Panam will be attacked with a ricochet, leaving her severly injured. Once the turret is fixed, make sure to destroy all of the drones and wait for Panam to get her seat back.

Reach the AV

When you get close to the crased AV, Panam instructs you to conduct a survey of the crash site with a masked drone.

Life During Wartime Walkthrough

To find your friends from Aldecados and the Kang Tao corporate security agents, who were deployed near the crash site, you will need to fly around the crash site.

Scan The Crash Site

When inspecting the site, V will need to scan the following items:

Optional: Scan the area for signs of Aldercaldos.

  • Upon reaching the wreckage, make sure to scal all of the three destroyed vehicles near to V and Panam.

Optional: Scan the Kang Tao Operatives

  • While scanning the site, you will find a Kang Tao operative near Mitch’s location.

Optional: Scan the Combat Drones

  • While scanning the crash site, you will discover the Combat Drones flying around the site.

Scan the area for Mitch

  • You will find Mitch near the wreckage, where he is being held captive by the Kang Tao operatives.

Once you have successfually scanned the entire area and found Mitch, Panam will come forward and cover you with Mitch’s rifle as you try to take out the AV’s turret and Kang Tao operatives.

Take Out The Turret & Defeat the Kang Tao Operatives

There are multiple ways to approach these objectives. To make it easier, you should be using stealth as beating Kang Tao Operatives and taking out the turret is not going to be easy for you.

If you you are going to use stealth option, make sure to take a left turn and traverse the dried out creek. Notably, operatives should not aware of your presenece in the area. So, hide in a better place and take them down one by one.

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Once you are done killing all of the operatives, head towards the turret control panel, which you can find on the right side of the AV and disable them.

Choices and Consequences

Now, you will have to go on the other side of the AV and open the hatch. When you do so, you will find that Mitch, which has been taken hostage by the pilot.

To get usefull infromation about Hellman from the pilot, you will need to know about the following answers.

  • I just want Hellman
  • I’m losing my patience

After knowing the exact location of Hellman, you will have to have a talk with Mitch and select the following answer while responding to Panam. If you don’t comply the instruction, you will have to find Hellman’s location by your own.

  • I gotta get Hellman, will you help?
  • I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao.

Finding Hellman

After knowing the location of Hellman, go towards the nearby bikes and follow Kang Tao’s trail to a nearby Gas Station. When you are on the way, you will need to mark as many enemies as you can including two turrets that you will find at the entrance.

Once marked enemies, you will have to go towards the left side of the bulding and jump the large wire fence without being detected. Now, clim to the roof and make sure to have three snipers. Once you have taken down all of the enemies, go inside the Gas Station and find the large Buck A Slice sign. There, you will find the door.

When you entere the door, you will find the Weapon Vendor. Upon interacting with him, he will reveal why he is being held by the operatives. When asked had he ever seen Hellman, he will give you the exact locaton where Hellman is being kept (above the Garage). Once the conversation between your and the Vendor completed, make sure to loot all of the ammo and weapons inside the room.

Now, it is time to head over to the location of Hellman and go upstair (second floor). Upon entering the first room on the second floor, make sure to collect all of Shards and consumable items. When you enter the last door, you will be pleased to see Hellman sitting on a chair.

Life During Wartime Walkthrough

As you start confronting Hellman, Johnny will come to you and have a breif discussion about Hellman. Once the conversation is over, approach Hellman and select the option to knock him out.

Once you have successfully knocked him out, make a call to Takemura, informing him that you have finally found Hellman.

Speak with Panam and Mitch Outside

After picking up Hellman, when you arrive the door of the Garage, you will realize that the Aldecaldos was there as backup. Panam will instruct you to lean Hellman against the motorcycle to continue. When you are busy talking to Mitch and Panam, Saul will arrive at the venue.

Life During Wartime Walkthrough

While speaking with Panam, Saul doubts Panam’s action during the AV Incident. To save their relationship, you need to select the following answer. r relationship that you select the following answer.

  • It really wasn’t Panam’s fault

As soon as the mission is accomplished, Panam will give you her first side quest called Riders On the Storm. Post the conversation, V will take Hellman to the Sunset Motel for invesigation.

Interrogating Hellman

Life During Wartime Walkthrough

As soon as Hellman wakes up, V will ask a few questions such as how to remove the biochip. It is completely up to you to decide any response during the encounter as there will be no effect on the story. After a brief interrogation, Takmura will come and take over the interrogation.

A few moment later, V will leave the room, completing the Life During Wartime main mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete Life During Wartime main mission in Cyberpunk 2077. While you are here, ensure reading about how to get legendary Subdermal armor mod and Animals Knuckles legendary mod for Gorilla Arms In Cyberpunk 2077.