Find & Confront Anna Hamill In Woman Of La Mancha Gig Cyberpunk 2077

Find Anna Hamill to complete the Woman of La Mancha gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will have to find and confront Anna Hamill in Cyberpunk 2077 as a part of the Woman of La Mancha side quest. It is an optional side gig and takes you on a look for Anna Hamill, a smart cop. Anna Hamill is investigating a case that is unpleasant for some corpos in the game. The location of this side quest is in the Kabuki Market in the Watson region.

If you are not able to confront her, she will initiate a fight with you. If this happens, then you will have to kill her. So, this quest also basically is a choice of whether you want Anna Hamill to live or not, although it won’t make any difference. But if you still want to let her live, or even the other way around here’s where to find and confront Anna Hamill in Woman of La Mancha gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

Where to Find Anna Hamill Location in Woman of La Mancha Gig

You can find Anna Hamill location in the Kabuki Market in the Watson area. Follow the quest marker to reach the market, and then you will be on your own. What you need to do is ask people around to get some news about Anna Hamill. Street Kid lifepath will come in handy during this quest. However, if you have chosen other lifepaths, it won’t be that difficult.

woman of la mancha side quest location in cyberpunk 2077

To make things simple, we were able to get once the information from Imad and the other time from Eve. Hence, if possible look for these people and ask them to help you out. Both of them know Anna and tell you that she is in a nearby hotel in room 303.

how to find anna hamill in cyberpunk 2077

When you get to the main entrance of the hotel, there will be an option about how to enter it. You can either pay 151 eddies or use 2 RAM to quickhack and deactivate the terminal. Choose any of the options and get inside the hotel.

how to enter hotel and confront anna hamill in woman of la mancha gig in cyberpunk 2077

Now, to get inside room 303, you will have two options. You can unlock the room only if you have 6 Technical Ability. Technical Ability is one of the best starting attributes if you want V to have great hacking skills. Alternatively, you can go to room 203 (just beneath Anna’s room) and use an air conditioner from the balcony to enter her room.

how to complete woman of la mancha quest in cyberpunk 2077

Once you are inside Anna’s room, she will quickly pull out her gun and interrogate you. Now, if you choose the wrong options, there will be a fight and she will have to die so that you can proceed. But if you want the beauty cop to stay alive, confront her.

How to Confront Anna Hamill in Woman of La Mancha Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

To confront Anna Hamill, you will have to select a correct sequence of options. Here are the options that you need to select.

  • Here to warn you
  • Just wanna help you
  • Your buddies at the NCPD (make sure to select this one)

Selecting these options will confront her and the Woman of La Mancha side gig will be completed.

That’s where you find Anna Hamill and confront her for the Woman of La Mancha gig in Cyberpunk 2077. While here, ensure reading how to change the difficulty and disable double tap to dodge in Cyberpunk 2077.